Week 70 ~ Just Serve.

Hey Everyone!

After being on the mend from last week, I felt better for 2 days and then got food poisoning again from Wendy’s (sad…. I’ll never be able to eat there again). hahaha
The doctors and nurses at Valsayn know me so well now.  Pneumonia, mono, and food poisoning twice in the last 4 months will do that!  It’s made for some funny mission memories, that’s for sure 🙂   I am starting to feel healthy again though so no worries! Thank you all so much for all the many prayers I get from home.
This week I have been reflecting on my mission a lot lately. (I was with Sister Tui for Missionary Leadership Council and whenever we are together we always talk about the MTC until now and reflect on how much has happened and how much we have changed.
I was thinking how happy I have been for the lat 16 months.  Which, when you think about it, it’s kinda crazy how happy missionaries are.  I have left everything behind that made me happy: family, friends, the mountains, the gym, ect.  I came on a mission, where I am always exhausted, the humidity makes me sick and people challenge our faith and beliefs.  So what makes me so happy?  It’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ and giving service.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a full time missionary and to give ALL my time and efforts to others.  I read a talk today by Carl B. Cook of the 70 and I loved this part:
“As we serve, we draw closer to God.  We come to know Him in ways that we otherwise might not.  Our faith in Him increases.  Ours problems are put into perspective.  Life becomes more satisfying. Our love for others increases, as well as our desire to serve. Through this blessed process, we become more like God and we are better prepared to meet Him”
I know that this is true.  I know that as we lose ourselves in serving those around us (Mosiah 2:17), we find ourselves.  I know that that has what has happened to me on my mission.  I know who I am more than ever before.  I know who God is and I know who Christ is.
Jesus Christ, our great Exemplar, gave His life to His Father’s work.  In the Grand Council 
before this world was organized, Jesus, chosen and anointed from the beginning, 
volunteered, “Here am I, send me.”  In so doing, He literally became the servant of us all.
Through Jesus Christ and the power we receive through His Atonement, we can also serve. 
Hope everyone has a good week!  Love you all!

Sister Kimball 

DSCF2279Here is me holding a dead iguana 😇


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