Week 64 ~ More Miracles

Dear Fam,

Sorry I am writing a day late again… ONCE AGAIN, it was a holiday here in Trinidad. Haha, I swear they have a holiday every other week.  This one was a Muslim holiday so we saw LOTS of Muslims walking around.  I must say, they are super dedicated to modesty.  I don’t think I could live in Trinidad and be completely covered in thick black cloth, except for my eyes.  So props to them.
We saw soooo many miracles this week!  This past Sunday was one of the best Sundays ever!  There was over 7 investigators and a bunch of less actives.  Russell, who is a recent convert AND less active came, which was a huge miracle.  He has a heart of gold, he just has a really bad drug problem and lives with his boss who hates the Church and will fire him if he knows that he is going.  So we haven’t seen him at church in a long time.  We had a lesson with him on Saturday evening about the importance of the Sacrament and how if he has faith, he will be able to make it to church.  AND HE DID!  He was so happy, it was the first time we have seen him smile in ages.  President Egbert and Sister Egbert came to the Sando ward and it was really cool because President noticed that Russel was there and sitting alone, so President got off the stand and walked down just to sit with him.  It was precious haha :,)
Then we also had Chenel come, also another recent convert who got into anti material a few months back and wanted nothing to do with us or the Church.  It was heartbreaking. We haven’t been able to have contact with her in a long while, but on Sunday, guess who just randomly showed up!  CHENEL!  Haha  I burst into tears when I saw her.  It made my heart so happy :,)
Another miracle of the week has been visiting teaching.  That has been something that this ward doesn’t really do so us Sisters have been really trying to get it up and running. After just a week of us assisting the members to do there visiting teaching, Relief Society was PACKED.  We had to bring in about 10 extra chairs.  It felt like being in Utah again. (other than I was the only white one in the room hahaha)  So yeah, lots of miracles happening in the Sando ward!
Sister Skinner and I have spent a TON of time contacting this week.  Our new contact area is a place called Corinth Hills, which has a lot of big apartment buildings. Our legs are sore from the amount of stairs we have climbed. 😂  But it’s so worth it.  I really like this contacting area because it is always really interesting.  We are meeting some really cool investigators and some really INTERESTING ONES.  We met a Hebrew Israelite family that told me I won’t be saved because I am white and that Jesus was black.  Lol, not the first time I’ve gotten that.  We also met an ex drug dealer named Jesus.  Yes, his name is Jesus. But he is cool.  We met him and his friend on the street, who are both covered in tatoos all the way up to their face.  But we went and talked to them and said we could teach them. We ended up meeting Jesus’ family later on in the week,  who actually were taught by elders in the past!  We met them when we were contacting.  His mom, Glenda, was cleaning the house and we asked if we could help and of course, like every other Trini, she said “no”. S o I walked in and grabbed the broom from her and started sweeping. haha She thought it was hilarious.  And then Jesus walked in and we realized it was his family. Small world.  His mom and sister are really interested so we are excited to start teaching them!  The only challenge is that there are a bajillion (adorable) kids living in that apartment that run around screaming all the time so hopefully when we go back it will be a little less chaotic so the Spirit will be there.
We also met a single mom named Natalie who seems SO prepared!  We contacted her and she invited us to come back the next day.  We got to know her and had a lesson about God and Jesus Christ, and the spirit was so strong.  She has such a good understanding about who God is and who Jesus Christ is.  It’s hard sometimes to find people who have that understanding!  We are seeing her tomorrow so keep her in your prayers please:)
The Gospel is true.  I know it because of the amount of miracles we see in this work every single day.  I am so grateful to be on a mission here in Trinidad.  I have no idea where I would be in my life without my mission and this Gospel.
Love you all!
I FOUND INDY’S TWIN! I forced her to love me:)
Look Mom, I’m not eating like a heathen any more;)
From our back yard…Mango banana smoothie bowl with coconut!…Sorry Mom, I’m not coming home.
Two Trinis at the apartment = Trini lunches on Pday 🙂

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