Week 63 ~ Tropical Storm

June 20, 2017

Dear Family,

As every other week in the Trinidad Port of Spain Mission, this one was hectic.  We had some new sisters coming though Trinidad that are heading out to the islands.  So for the week I was in a trio with Sister Skinner, my new companion and another greenie, Sister Garcie.. AND we are blanking the area.  And I think I had to drive to the other side of the island about 6 times this week to drop/pick up sisters and run errands.  Kinda felt like I was a senior couple this week. haha   It was an adventure!
At the beginning of this week we had another MLC.  This one was a skype MLC with all the other countries so that was really awesome.  We are really going to be hitting hard with teaching skills for the next few transfers which will be really good for all the new missionaries coming into the mission.
Speaking of new missionaries, Sister Skinner is so awesome!  Cool story about Sister Skinner and I:  When I was serving up north with Sister Masciantoni about a year ago, we were out contacting one day.  We called into a house and guess who came out, Sister Skinner!  Or at that time, we knew her as Sarah.  She was living in our area, but attending another branch and we didn’t even know who she was.  We started a normal contact and she stopped us and said, “Well, I am actually a member, I just am living in this area for a couple weeks, but I go to the Arima branch!”  Long story short, she ended up coming teaching with us quite often.  She told us that right when we called into her house that day she was thinking about how she missed having the missionaries over and missed feeling the Spirit when she went teahcing with them.  And now we are companions.  Pretty cool 🙂 She has only been a member for a little over 2 years.
We have been working really hard with blanking the area.  It’s been kinda hard because rainy season is in full force now and we had a cyclone yesterday!  But we just contacted through most of it and we found some really awesome people.  We are working in an area called Corinth Hills and this place is prepared.  One day when we were contacting, Sister Garcia felt prompted to go to this certain street that we had seen earlier that day from the top of an apartment complex.  It was out of the area that we are working in, but I told her it was a prompting so she needed to listen to it!  And lo and behold, when we went to that street, we met a woman named Karen who said she is searching for a church and wants to be baptized.  GOLDEN.  The spirit is SO good.
Love you all so much 🙂
Sister Kimball

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