Week 62 ~ I Held A Monkey!

Dear Family,

Wow, lots of exciting news!…
1. I fulfilled my lifetime dream and held a monkey.  His name was Cense.  The owners live close to where we teach Brother Benjamin and I have always seen him jumping around on his leash and wanted to hold him so bad!  But the owners were never home and then FINALLY I saw someone home so I ran over and asked if I could hold the monkey.  They were so awesome and we ended up contacting them and have a return appointment to see them this week. Got to share the Gospel and hold a monkey.  NICE.  Get ready for lots of pictures.
2. Gene accepted his baptismal date for June 24th.  It was really awesome because when we invited him he said, “Well, I can’t say no because I know that this comes from God, not you.”  He came to church this week again.  He is already friends with half the ward.  He is so golden.  It’s been really cool teaching him.  He is an older and wiser gentlemen compared to us 20-year old missionaries, but as he has shared a lot of his life stories we can see how the Lord has been preparing him.
3.  I got transferred!… Kinda.  Due to a couple work permits being granted, Sister Montengro, from the islands will be coming to Trinidad and will finish off Sister Xavier’s training.  And I will be training the new and first local missionary, Sister Skinner.  We will be reopening a shut down area called Pleasantville.  I am probably going to lose my hair, but I am ready for the challenge:)  I have loved my time in Marabella.  I have spent half my mission there!  The people, especially the recent converts have my heart.  But it’s time for me to give my all to a new area and new people.  I am really excited to get finding!
Sorry this is short, I have been in the heart of Port of Spain since 4 am and if you know me, you know I hate big cities.  I need a p-day nap. haha!
Love you all so much!  Thank you for all your emails and pictures:)  I really do love and appreciate you all so so so much!  More than you know!
Sister Kimball

Beautiful Trini Sunset!

IMG_0161FullSizeRender 4


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