Week 60 ~ MLC

Dear Family,

This week was probably one of the most exhausting weeks of my life, haha.  But that usually means we were really busy which is a great thing as a missionary.
So first off, we had no water almost the whole week.  So all three of us were taking bucket showers with the emergency water hahaha it was hilarious.  And freezing.
Oh and GREAT NEWS….. THE BOND PASSED.  I get to stay in TRINIDAD!!! 🙂  wooohooo! Thank you all for the prayers!  They were definitely answered.  The government also approved 14 work permits, which we were all stoked for until President and Sister Egbert checked them and realized that half the permits they passed were for missionaries that have already gone home or missionaries going home in 3 weeks… darn it haha.  But it is a good sign because they haven’t been passing any for a year, so hopefully this means they will start to actually grant us some that will be for missionaries that are still here or who are still visa waiting in the states.
This week we had Missionary Leadership Council.  It was a fly-in MLC so all the leaders from the different countries of the mission were here in Trinidad.  It was sweet.  So usually you have MLC about every month, but since it’s so expensive to fly in, we can only have it about 3 times a year.  So when we do have it, it’s about a 2 day meeting.  We started on Tuesday at 5 and went until 9.  Then on Wednesday we started at 10 and went to 9 again. Sister Tuala and I gave a training on Area Books and Sister Petersen and I gave a training of STL (Sister Training Leader) responsibilities.  It was a really good meeting, but SO EXHAUSTING!  Sister Egbert cooked for all of us for every meal though so it was worth it. And all of us sisters got to stay at the Egbert’s home which was super fun.
Spiritual miracle from the week:  Gene. So every morning we go running at a savana near our house and every morning there is this older gentlemen that brings his disabled adopted son to the savana as well.  One morning this last week we ended up talking to him and he told us basically his life story and how he is searching for a church.  The next morning we brought him a Restoration tract and our planners so we could take his number.  That was on Saturday.  Well, the next morning at church a man walked in and sat in the back.  We all saw him and my companions kept saying that they recognized him. (I don’t put in my contacts to go running in the morning and I am blind so I couldn’t really tell who it was), but eventually it clicked… “that’s the guy that we talked to at the savana!”  We were all in shock. haha  It’s usually a struggle to get our investigators that we have been teaching forever to church, but Gene just showed up on his own!  He is awesome and so prepared.  We are going to put him on date for sometime next month.  He’s golden.
Love you all so much!  You all are in my prayers every day.  Have a great week.
Mission Home Mangos
IMG_0056 2
Bonks 🙂
Primary kids are the cutest…
IMG_0068 2
Trini food 😍
IMG_0044 2
Sister Ortiz
My favorite figs… they are tiny, but super delicious!
Honestly, not really sure why these people have a giant bear in front of there house.
Took a break during Missionary Leadership Council to pick mangos at the Mission Home:)
My Girls:)



IMG_0046IMG_0036 2



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