Week 57 ~ God Led Us to Wendy’s (Yes, the fast food Wendy’s:)

Picture 1:  From left to right:  Nederlands, USA, Trinidad and Guatemala 🙂 Sister Spijkerman, from the Nederlands, stayed with us for the week!  She was suppose to be with us for a couple days and then head to Suriname, but something went wrong with her flight/work permit so we got to keep her a little extra longer:)  We had one car, and four sisters.  I would drop Sister Xavier and Sister Oritz at an appointment and then Sister Spijkerman and I took the car and checked some former investigators and contacted. I t was a crazy week, but we got lots done and saw many miracles!


Picture 2:  Green fig 🙂 me fave.


Picture 3: Funny story.  So Sister Xavier and I have been trying to eat super healthy and all but then on friday we succumbed to the natural man and went to Wendy’s because we were craving it all week.  Well when we were there, the woman at the drive through asked me about my name tag.  So Sister Xavier hopped on out of the car and contacted her.  We ended up meeting with Candice that very night after she got off work.  We met her and her cute teenage girls.  She is a single mother and has some of the most amazing faith I have ever seen.  Our first lesson with her was amazing.  The spirit was so strong.  Just goes to show that we must talk to EVERYONE.


Picture 4:  Trinidad style Popsicle.  They make a smoothie type of thing and put it in a bag and then you bite a hole in it…. Hence the name, Suck-a-bag. 😂


Picture 5:  My sistas!


So I am stealing this little exert from Sister Xavier’s email because she is hilarious…

“Anderson:  We have been trying to teach him the Restoration since like 10 years now, but every time one of his friends keeps interrupting our lesson.  So the first time was his friend Atilo, a semi sane guy with a  yanky accent.  This was all good until he kept interrupting to get a feel of what we were saying.  But every time that Atilo interrupts Anderson gets distracted and starts telling S. Kimball that she’s an angel because of her blue eyes.  So its pretty crazy but we went back on Saturday night hoping for some peace and a bit of reverence and it started off so good, until another friend came by.  Akil.  Now Anderson lives next to a bar, so Akil came over with beer in hand and very very drunk.  He’s a Trini but with a British accent.  He started to chastise us for not coming in the bar to teach him.

Then he says “You guys all think we are sinners, why don’t you come teach us.  All yea are judgmental?”

 Excuse me!  So my blood starts to boil, and I know I’m supposed to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, but that set me off.  So we start to explain why we can’t come into the bar, and that we only go where we can feel the spirit.  Then I asked him if God came now would he offer him some if his beer- No answer.

Then he goes on, “I know I’m being an arrogant jerk” to which I responded, “YES!”

Then Anderson jumps in again this time with his warrior talk.  He always calls me a warrior.  Meanwhile all this going on S. Kimball sits in the corner on a beer crate looking like shes about to give up (she was sick all day) and we had a new sister with us who can’t understand our accent so I’m pretty sure she was lost in the Trini-brrit war of accents.  However ,after Akil left we were able to kind of finish our lesson.  Anderson is great tho, he said since we started coming by he has been praying more and has been seeing God hand in his life.”

hahaha….   I Love Trini’s.

Love you all!  Have a great week.  Can’t wait to see all yea this Sunday!!!!!:)

Especially you mama!



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