Dear Fam,

This week was sooooo good.  For a few reasons: 

1)  We have continued to see SO MUCH success in this new contact area.  Meeting lots of cool souls.  Plus having a Trini companion makes people SO much more receptive! 

2)  We got our transfer calls! (my fourth call for the transfer cuz this mission is crazy haha) and the dream team is getting an addition!  My Guatemalan sista, Sister Ortiz is coming back from the ABC’s to be a trio with Sister Xavier and I! haha  It’s going to be a blast.  I am so excited!  It’s Sister Ortiz’s last transfer so I will once again, be killing a companion.  Half the missionaries in Trinidad are going home this week. (fun fact: I am the last white sister. aka I feel like the only white person on the entire island😅)  So we are very sparse in numbers.  But we got this, we just all are covering about 3-4 areas per companionship.👊

3)  I don’t sound like a man anymore so huzzah for that.  Feeling much better.  #pneumonia 

4)  IT’S MANGO SEASON PEOPLE.  When we are out contacting, people either just give us mangoes or we can find a mango tree and pick some off for dinner.  Also Sister Xavier taught me how to eat a mango like a Trini, they call it “sucking a mango” so she now documents every time I suck a mango because she is so proud that I am learning the “Trini ways” haha.  She is so funny. 

5)  We had an amazing lesson with our Jamaican investigator named Warren!  As we taught the restoration the Spirit was so strong and he stopped and said, “Do you know how long I have been searching for the truth of Christ?”  He currently is out of work and very very poor so we have some members that are going to give him a lift to church this coming Sunday and we are so excited!  We are going to set him on date for the beginning of June. 

Funny story of the week:  Some guy told me I have blue eyes because I descend from an angel that came to earth and had kids with the humans hahahaha ALRIGHT. 

Love you all! 

Love,  KaeKae

SAM_1936.JPGPazookies for our Monday cheat meal 🙂

Fave trees here


Lol…More Mango!
Teaching with me Trinis

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