Week 53 ~ “He Teefed My Book or Mormon!”

Dear Family,                                                                                                                          April 10, 2017

I feel like I was just barely at the internet cafe  to email you all!  It’s so true that on your mission, days feel like a week and a week feels like a day.  It’s scary how fast time is moving. 

This week was soooo good!  Sister Jenkins and I finished our old contact area and started a new one which means…. we did tons of contacting this week.  And we have the sunburns to prove it! 😂  At the beginning of my mission, contacting terrified me.  But now it’s probably become one of my favorite things about missionary work.  Walking around meeting strangers is ALWAYS interesting, especially here in Trinidad haha.  We met some really cool people.  We met one man named Ray.  We called into his house and he came out and we got the typical “What are two white girls doing at my door?” look. haha… every time.  But we started to introduce the message and he decided to let us in.  We were able to share a message with him and the Spirit was undeniably there.  Even though he seemed super apprehensive about us at first, the Spirit softened his heart and when we asked when we could come back and share more he said, “Anytime!  I really enjoyed this.” Man, the Spirit is good.  We are dropping back tomorrow:) 

On Friday night we took a recent convert, named Angel (not her real name, but that’s what she goes by haha) out teaching with us.  We were going to go see the Alexander’s with her. (Sidenote: They are doing great and loved General Conference!) but Sister Alexander was sick so they had to cancel 😦  So we were looking through our planners, trying to figure out who else we could visit when Angel said, ” I have a friend in your area that I have been talking about the Gospel with, can we go visit her?” ….. WHAT!  You don’t get member referrals very often so of course we said, “YES!  WHERE DOES SHE LIVE?  WE WILL GO NOW!” haha.  Her friend’s name is Sarah.  Her parents passed away when she was small so she has been raised by her grandparents.  We were able to teach her and her grandparents, the grandparents were slightly crazy, but oh my goodness Sarah is so awesome!  She is the sweetest girl and so prepared.  The lesson we had with her was sooo good.  We are so excited to go back and visit her this week.  I know that most of you on my group email live in Utah where mostly everyone is LDS, but it doesn’t matter… DO MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK.  It’s the best.  And it makes missionary hearts happy 🙂 

OH and crazy story…right after we taught Sarah, we went to see Brother Benjamin.  As soon as we walked up he said,”Sisters…something tragic happened!”  He went on to tell us this big long story about how he got set up and robbed while collecting money that he loaned to a friend.  And you know what he was most upset about?… “I am not mad about the money.  I am just vexed cuz he teefed (Trini word for stole) my BOOK OF MORMON!”    haha Brother Benjamin is my idol. 

Tomorrow Sister Jenkins and I will be getting our greenies.  But of course since this is the Trinidad, Port of Spain Mission there is some more craziness to be added!  So my really good friend Rebekah from up north is going to be a visa waiter here in this mission because she hasn’t gotten cleared as yet to go to Jamaica (where she was assigned to) AND Sister Montenegro has to come back to Trinidad for a few weeks for more immigration stuff.  So we don’t have all the details worked out, but Sister Jenkins and I might be training in trios…two greenies at a time.😅  So we will have 6 sisters to one area…. not really sure how this is all going to work out.  Mom, I have used your ever so famous quote, “It’s all going to work out” so many time this week to Sister Jenkins hahaha. 😂 

Another really exciting thing is… there were two people from Trinidad assigned to serve HERE IN TRINIDAD.  Yeah know how in Haiti they only have locals serving as missionaries?  Yeah we think that is what is going to happen in Trinidad.  Luckily there is a pretty good amount of young adults planning to go on missions here soon.  I am not sure how it will all work, but God is good and He has a plan for this wonderful crazy island 🙂 

Love you all.  Have a wonderful week. 

Sister Kimball


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