Week 52 ~ Conference, Round 3

Dear Family, 

I feel like every single time I go to write my email, I always want to start it with, “This week was crazy!” I guess thats what you get when you are in the Trinidad, Port of Spain Mission.  I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 

Update on the Alexander’s:

Sister Egbert came to our lesson with them.  We had a wonderful lesson focused on the Book of Mormon and having faith to find answers.  As always in the Alexander home, the Spirit was so strong. They watched Conference together in their home so I am really excited to meet with them this week and see what answers they received through listening to our modern day prophets and apostles 🙂  

Speaking of Conference… oh my.  I love conference as a missionary.  I feel really lucky because most sisters only get 3 on their mission, but I get 4 because there was one the week I entered the MTC and their will be one during my last week before I go home.  Of course I miss Conference Sundays at home, but I sure am going to miss watching it in the tiny chapel, with crappy internet service, with all the windows open and fans going and hearing the palm trees and wind, and most importantly watching it with the amazing members.  I love it so much.  OH on the Saturday session though, the internet at the church wasn’t working so President invited all of us South Sisters to come watch it at the Egbert home!  Which is always good because  A) air conditioning  B) I love the Egbert’s. and  C) I love Sister Egbert’s food haha. 

This year was the first time I went into Conference with questions that I wanted answered. I walked out with every single question answered and more.  It kind of felt like drinking out of a fire hose of spiritual water haha.  I now regret always sleeping through it back home.

Another really cool thing that happened this week was I got to have an interview with President ON my year mark!  It was a super emotional interview.  Because well, President is always emotional and also because I was super emotional due to the fact that I only have 6 months left of my mission.  I know that in normal time, that might seem long, but in mission time that will seem like a week.  It’s been really cool to look back on this amazing year of my life.  I am filled with nothing but gratitude.  President and I were talking about how all the English sisters that were called after me, will never make it to the mission here and are being reassigned to somewhere in the states.  I remember when I received the promptings to go way earlier than planned and I second guessed and resisted that prompting for so long.  I am so grateful that Heavenly Father basically shoved me into the field when He did.  I can’t imagine being anywhere else. 

Sister Jenkins and I will be getting our greenies on the 11th of this month and will be in a week long blitz.  I am so pumped!  We are going to work this area so hard and find so many prepared souls 🙂 plus I am really excited to train…for a week haha! S o stay tuned because the rest of this transfer is going to be crazy 🙃

Love you all! 

Love, KaeKae 

IMG_0143Mom, I told ya I would come home with dreads. 

IMG_0152My shower water 😂

IMG_0155Conference set up. 


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