Week 51 ~ Hello….

Hello, Hello! Good day inside!!  (<– This is how we call into houses here.  haha)

Talk about a crazy week.  As always 🙃

This week an Elder Peterson, who I have served around for most of my mission finished his mission and some of his family came to pick him up.  He asked Sister Jenkins and I if we could take his mom out teaching with us!  Which worked out perfectly because the day he asked us to take her, we were seeing the Alexander family.  We had a lesson with them about the importance of a modern day prophet on the earth today (to pump them up for General Conference).  Sister Peterson is a convert so having her to bare testimony to them and share how she came to know if what the missionaries teach is true… was SO powerful.  The Spirit is always super strong with them, but this time was different.  Having Sister Peterson with us was a huge answer to our prayers for the Alexanders! 

LOUANNA WAS BAPTIZED!  This girl is the sweetest.  She was so happy on the day of her baptism she couldn’t stop smiling.  I know I say this all the time, but I love the Benjamin family with my whole heart.  They have taught me SO MUCH.  Brother Benjamin is determined to read the Book of Mormon even though he can’t really read.  He reads it every morning and night and will reread a chapter until he understands.  And of course, Louanna helps him so much 🙂  We are going to start teaching his little son this week!  I am so excited 🙂 

Last night the Egbert’s had all of us Trinidad sisters (all 6 of us haha) over to their house to watch the Women’s Conference.  I love the Egbert’s so much.  Their home is the closest thing that Trinidad has to a temple so watching the broadcast there was amazing. Afterwards we all shared our testimonies and the things that really stood out to us from the conference.  THE SPIRIT!  It was really funny because we told President Egbert that he wasn’t allowed because it was a girls night, but president kind of has FOMO so he snuck in and joined us haha 🙂  I am so grateful for the Egbert’s.  They really love all their missionaries so much. 

After the broadcast, President had Sister Jenkins and I go into his office to look at his office because… we have more immigration craziness.  haha surprise surprise!  There are two sisters coming into the mission mid-transfer so Sister Jenkins and I are going to be split up and take the new sisters for the last half of the transfer… but all 4 of us will be working the same area…. it’s going to be really interesting.  Especially because we just combined two areas and got everything organized and figured out!  Heaven help us! 

Side notes from the week:

I taught a crazy cat lady named Dawn, she had 23 cats. 

We found a new investigator from England!  S/O to Sister Robinson for preparing me because even though he has a SUPER thick accent and talks really fast.. I can understand him 🙂

Hope all is well at home!  Love you all so much! The Gospel is true! 

Love,  Sister Kimball

unnamed (3)unnamed (4)unnamed 21-3: Trini Sports Day  #champs:)

IMG_0111Louann’s baptism

IMG_0126My girls 🙂

IMG_0130My hair got stuck on a bra on a clothes line at a members house. hahaha 


IMG_0091Eating my first sugar cane:) 


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