Week 50 ~ Marabella, Round 4!

Hello Family! 

At the beginning of this week I was able to do the South Side exchange with the one and only… SISTA TUI 🙂 Oh my goodness, it was so fun to be back together!  I’ve been in the same ward with her since being on the South Side, but we haven’t been able to teach together or anything since the MTC.  I went with her in her area, Gasparillo, which is super Bush and Hindu.  They have some really awesome investigators over there though.  We got to teach a family of 6 that lives in a one room board house.  They have one twin bed and a stove scrunched in their little home.  So we sat on the floor and the mom and all her kiddos sat on the bed.  The spirit was so strong.  A lot of times here in Trinidad, the children will be better readers than their parents because a lot of the older generation didn’t even go to school.  So the 10 year old daughter, Jewls, reads the tracts and Book of Mormon to her mom 🙂  I’m so grateful for the experiences I have been blessed to have here in Trinidad.  You could say I have definitely been humbled in this last year of my life. It was fun to be with Sister Tui and reflect on our last year of being missionaries and how much we have changed.  Missions for sure change you and I am so grateful for that.

Sister Jenkins and I have been super busy this week.  Always a good thing.  We are putting together Louanna’s baptismal service, which I am so excited for! 🙂  I know I have said this a million times, but wow, Louanna is so smart!  She reads the Book of Mormon like a champ and has the plan of salvation all drawn and mapped out in the back of her BOM.  I love the Benjamin family 🙂 👊

Oh yeah and this week we had transfers!  I can’t believe a whole other transfer is past and gone.  Nothing really changed for transfers other than Sister Jenkins as been called to be a STL with me!  Which I am so pumped to have a Co-STL!  It will be fun and take some weight off my shoulders for sure.  But yeah, I am staying in Marabella.  I will be serving 8 of my 13 transfers here.  hahaha Good thing I don’t want to leave and I love this area! 🙂 

Alright, I don’t have much time this week so that’s all I got 😉

Hope you all have a stellar week!  Love you!

IMG_0063 2

Louanna and her BOM with the Plan of Salvation.  She gets baptized THIS WEEK!!


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