Week 48 & 49 ~ AMAZING WEEK

*Sorry I didn’t write a group email last week.  Carnival was still making it hard to get to a computer with little time to write with too many personal emails to catch up on.  But here ya go!…

Dear Family & Friends,

My goodness.  This week was amazing!  I wish I had more email time to give you all the details, but for now I will just give the highlights 🙂 

After a rough couple of weeks, full of hardcore rejection and cancellation after cancellation, we had the most amazing week!  Last Monday, when we headed to our appointments, we got some phone calls, again getting cancelled on! Our first reaction was “NO, NOT AGAIN!”  We always figure that when we get cancelled on it is because God wants us somewhere else.  So we pulled over and prayed and asked where we should go. We felt prompted to go visit a family named the McFarlanes.  So we headed to their place. We got there and walked in and they were having FHE!  Brother McFarlane said, “We have been waiting for you!  I woke up this morning and said to my wife, the missionaries will be joining us tonight.” haha  Talk about being in tune with the spirit!  It was cool because their son-in-law who is one of the other sister’s investigators, was there and so we were able to teach a lesson to him and answer some questions that he had on his mind.  Man, spiritual experiences are the best 🙂 

The ALEXANDER FAMILY.  A couple weeks ago while weekly planning, Sister Jenkins and I felt prompted that we should teach them about temples.  I was pretty apprehensive because we weren’t even that far into teaching the Commandments with them.  But we continued to pray about it and continued to feel like we should.  ALL week I felt so nervous about teaching it.  Brother and Sister Alexander are extremely smart and spiritually mature people.  I am not exactly use to teaching people like that, so I always get a little nervous to teach them.  We taught them on Friday evening.  We walked in and Brother Alexander told us that they almost cancelled because he had a really bad headache, but they decided not too.  But he said, ” I probably won’t be as vocal tonight.”  Well as soon as we  got into the lesson, he immediately had a lot of questions haha.  As we taught the what and whys of temples, the spirit was undeniably there, testifying to their hearts.  They had so many questions.  Brother Alexander was pretty skeptical.  But then Sister Alexander stopped and said, “wow, this shows how much Heavenly Father loves all of His children.” We testified that we have this knowledge because of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  By the end, Brother Alexander’s heart was softening and he said, “I am so happy we didn’t cancel.”  I can honestly say that that lesson was the most spiritual lesson I have had on my entire mission, and I have had many.  Please keep them in your prayers. I love this family so much! 

Louanna, Benjamin’s adopted daughter is getting baptized in the next couple weeks! Benjamin has raised her since 3 months, but her biological father is actually Benjamin’s boss… complicated situation.  But for awhile, her father was putting up some opposition, but his heart has been softened and now we are all good to go 🙂  Miracles. Miracles every day.  Louanna is amazing.  She is already flying through the Book of Mormon and understands so much of it!  Every time she prays she thanks Heavenly Father for the Book of Mormon so that she can learn more about Jesus Christ.  She is a sweetheart. 

I love the Gospel 🙂  Have a great week everyone.  Love you all soooo much. 

Sister Kimberely. 

Ps. We just got back from Trinidad Island Sports Day. SOUTH ZONE WON. HOLLA. (we played volleyball and rugby in the rain. I was in heaven:) 


IMG_0023Benjamin’s kiddos with the zots you sent, mom 🙂 

IMG_0027 copy.JPGBruddah Nash made us virgin margaritas. hahaha 

IMG_0033We won the 3 legged race. comp unity. 

IMG_1589Stray kitty…those eyes! 


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