Week 47 ~ It’s March Already?!?

Hello Family! 

YES, I’M ALIVE!  I haven’t been able to write until today because…. CARNIVAL.  For those who don’t know, Trinidad’s Carnival is the second largest in the world.  So this last week has been pretty crazy.  We were locked in all of Monday and had to be in by 5 on Tuesday. Our apartment is right next to Skinner’s Park, which is a hot spot of Carnival festivities. We had to drive through it yesterday to get home and we could hear the loud Soca music (which is awful) for the last 3 days.  I am pretty sure that Iiotis what the great and spacious building looks and sounds like.  I am glad it’s over! 

I woke up this morning and realized it’s already March!  A year ago at this time, Katie and I, and Austin and Hazen were living in a car roving the west coast for my last hoorah!  I can’t believe that I will be hitting my year mark this month.  I feel like I blinked and I am now what we call “an old missionary” … even though I am still the youngest in Trinidad haha.  I love this crazy island.  I think mom and dad are going to have to come drag me home. 

Last weekend I was able to do my first exchange as STL (Sister Training Leader).  I was able to go up north to my old stomping grounds!  It was so fun to visit.  Rebekah, who was one of my best friends up north that came out teaching with us all the time, came out with us!  She actually now has her mission call! 🙂 She is going to Jamaica!  She is going to be an amazing missionary.  We got to see Veronica as well, she is doing so good.  It was cool to be able to see how  much her testimony has grown since she was baptized right before I left El-Do.  I love that areaz. 🙂  I was “born” there so it will always have a special place in my heart.♥  I was up there with Sister Tula, who is going to be my next companion after Sister Jenkins dies because it will just be me and her with Sister Tui left on Trinidad.  Sister Tula is the best!  She is a professional rugby player for Samoa.  And she was a police officer… so mom, I will definitely be kept safe. haha 🙂   Sister Montenegro was also back in Trinidad for more immigration stuff so that was way fun to see her.  It was a great exchange. 🙂

Tomorrow we have Missionary Leadership Council.  It will be a skype MLC because Elder Martinez of the 70 is going to be going to Guyana because that’s where most the missionaries are.  President tried to get permission to fly us all there but it wasn’t approved.  😦 I was so sad!  I would love to see Guyana… I told president that if he ever would want to send sisters there I would be 100% fine with cold bucket showers and bikes. He laughed at me and said that will never happen. haha tragic.  I was asked to teach at MLC which I am super nervous about because a general authority will be there… so keep me in your prayers! 🙏

The work is moving along here in Marabella/Pleasantville.  It was slower this week due to Carnival.  We got cancelled on a lot… so we got some nice tan lines from contacting all day haha 🙂  I love this work!  I love walking up to strangers and talking to them about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love having a front row seat to watching the Atonement change peoples lives.  I love representing my Savior.  The Gospel is true. 



 PS. I had so many good pictures to send home but my camera card is broken! darn.  I am buying a new one so I will send some next week 🙂 Love you all! 


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