Week 51 ~ Hello….

Hello, Hello! Good day inside!!  (<– This is how we call into houses here.  haha)

Talk about a crazy week.  As always 🙃

This week an Elder Peterson, who I have served around for most of my mission finished his mission and some of his family came to pick him up.  He asked Sister Jenkins and I if we could take his mom out teaching with us!  Which worked out perfectly because the day he asked us to take her, we were seeing the Alexander family.  We had a lesson with them about the importance of a modern day prophet on the earth today (to pump them up for General Conference).  Sister Peterson is a convert so having her to bare testimony to them and share how she came to know if what the missionaries teach is true… was SO powerful.  The Spirit is always super strong with them, but this time was different.  Having Sister Peterson with us was a huge answer to our prayers for the Alexanders! 

LOUANNA WAS BAPTIZED!  This girl is the sweetest.  She was so happy on the day of her baptism she couldn’t stop smiling.  I know I say this all the time, but I love the Benjamin family with my whole heart.  They have taught me SO MUCH.  Brother Benjamin is determined to read the Book of Mormon even though he can’t really read.  He reads it every morning and night and will reread a chapter until he understands.  And of course, Louanna helps him so much 🙂  We are going to start teaching his little son this week!  I am so excited 🙂 

Last night the Egbert’s had all of us Trinidad sisters (all 6 of us haha) over to their house to watch the Women’s Conference.  I love the Egbert’s so much.  Their home is the closest thing that Trinidad has to a temple so watching the broadcast there was amazing. Afterwards we all shared our testimonies and the things that really stood out to us from the conference.  THE SPIRIT!  It was really funny because we told President Egbert that he wasn’t allowed because it was a girls night, but president kind of has FOMO so he snuck in and joined us haha 🙂  I am so grateful for the Egbert’s.  They really love all their missionaries so much. 

After the broadcast, President had Sister Jenkins and I go into his office to look at his office because… we have more immigration craziness.  haha surprise surprise!  There are two sisters coming into the mission mid-transfer so Sister Jenkins and I are going to be split up and take the new sisters for the last half of the transfer… but all 4 of us will be working the same area…. it’s going to be really interesting.  Especially because we just combined two areas and got everything organized and figured out!  Heaven help us! 

Side notes from the week:

I taught a crazy cat lady named Dawn, she had 23 cats. 

We found a new investigator from England!  S/O to Sister Robinson for preparing me because even though he has a SUPER thick accent and talks really fast.. I can understand him 🙂

Hope all is well at home!  Love you all so much! The Gospel is true! 

Love,  Sister Kimball

unnamed (3)unnamed (4)unnamed 21-3: Trini Sports Day  #champs:)

IMG_0111Louann’s baptism

IMG_0126My girls 🙂

IMG_0130My hair got stuck on a bra on a clothes line at a members house. hahaha 


IMG_0091Eating my first sugar cane:) 


Week 50 ~ Marabella, Round 4!

Hello Family! 

At the beginning of this week I was able to do the South Side exchange with the one and only… SISTA TUI 🙂 Oh my goodness, it was so fun to be back together!  I’ve been in the same ward with her since being on the South Side, but we haven’t been able to teach together or anything since the MTC.  I went with her in her area, Gasparillo, which is super Bush and Hindu.  They have some really awesome investigators over there though.  We got to teach a family of 6 that lives in a one room board house.  They have one twin bed and a stove scrunched in their little home.  So we sat on the floor and the mom and all her kiddos sat on the bed.  The spirit was so strong.  A lot of times here in Trinidad, the children will be better readers than their parents because a lot of the older generation didn’t even go to school.  So the 10 year old daughter, Jewls, reads the tracts and Book of Mormon to her mom 🙂  I’m so grateful for the experiences I have been blessed to have here in Trinidad.  You could say I have definitely been humbled in this last year of my life. It was fun to be with Sister Tui and reflect on our last year of being missionaries and how much we have changed.  Missions for sure change you and I am so grateful for that.

Sister Jenkins and I have been super busy this week.  Always a good thing.  We are putting together Louanna’s baptismal service, which I am so excited for! 🙂  I know I have said this a million times, but wow, Louanna is so smart!  She reads the Book of Mormon like a champ and has the plan of salvation all drawn and mapped out in the back of her BOM.  I love the Benjamin family 🙂 👊

Oh yeah and this week we had transfers!  I can’t believe a whole other transfer is past and gone.  Nothing really changed for transfers other than Sister Jenkins as been called to be a STL with me!  Which I am so pumped to have a Co-STL!  It will be fun and take some weight off my shoulders for sure.  But yeah, I am staying in Marabella.  I will be serving 8 of my 13 transfers here.  hahaha Good thing I don’t want to leave and I love this area! 🙂 

Alright, I don’t have much time this week so that’s all I got 😉

Hope you all have a stellar week!  Love you!

IMG_0063 2

Louanna and her BOM with the Plan of Salvation.  She gets baptized THIS WEEK!!

Week 48 & 49 ~ AMAZING WEEK

*Sorry I didn’t write a group email last week.  Carnival was still making it hard to get to a computer with little time to write with too many personal emails to catch up on.  But here ya go!…

Dear Family & Friends,

My goodness.  This week was amazing!  I wish I had more email time to give you all the details, but for now I will just give the highlights 🙂 

After a rough couple of weeks, full of hardcore rejection and cancellation after cancellation, we had the most amazing week!  Last Monday, when we headed to our appointments, we got some phone calls, again getting cancelled on! Our first reaction was “NO, NOT AGAIN!”  We always figure that when we get cancelled on it is because God wants us somewhere else.  So we pulled over and prayed and asked where we should go. We felt prompted to go visit a family named the McFarlanes.  So we headed to their place. We got there and walked in and they were having FHE!  Brother McFarlane said, “We have been waiting for you!  I woke up this morning and said to my wife, the missionaries will be joining us tonight.” haha  Talk about being in tune with the spirit!  It was cool because their son-in-law who is one of the other sister’s investigators, was there and so we were able to teach a lesson to him and answer some questions that he had on his mind.  Man, spiritual experiences are the best 🙂 

The ALEXANDER FAMILY.  A couple weeks ago while weekly planning, Sister Jenkins and I felt prompted that we should teach them about temples.  I was pretty apprehensive because we weren’t even that far into teaching the Commandments with them.  But we continued to pray about it and continued to feel like we should.  ALL week I felt so nervous about teaching it.  Brother and Sister Alexander are extremely smart and spiritually mature people.  I am not exactly use to teaching people like that, so I always get a little nervous to teach them.  We taught them on Friday evening.  We walked in and Brother Alexander told us that they almost cancelled because he had a really bad headache, but they decided not too.  But he said, ” I probably won’t be as vocal tonight.”  Well as soon as we  got into the lesson, he immediately had a lot of questions haha.  As we taught the what and whys of temples, the spirit was undeniably there, testifying to their hearts.  They had so many questions.  Brother Alexander was pretty skeptical.  But then Sister Alexander stopped and said, “wow, this shows how much Heavenly Father loves all of His children.” We testified that we have this knowledge because of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  By the end, Brother Alexander’s heart was softening and he said, “I am so happy we didn’t cancel.”  I can honestly say that that lesson was the most spiritual lesson I have had on my entire mission, and I have had many.  Please keep them in your prayers. I love this family so much! 

Louanna, Benjamin’s adopted daughter is getting baptized in the next couple weeks! Benjamin has raised her since 3 months, but her biological father is actually Benjamin’s boss… complicated situation.  But for awhile, her father was putting up some opposition, but his heart has been softened and now we are all good to go 🙂  Miracles. Miracles every day.  Louanna is amazing.  She is already flying through the Book of Mormon and understands so much of it!  Every time she prays she thanks Heavenly Father for the Book of Mormon so that she can learn more about Jesus Christ.  She is a sweetheart. 

I love the Gospel 🙂  Have a great week everyone.  Love you all soooo much. 

Sister Kimberely. 

Ps. We just got back from Trinidad Island Sports Day. SOUTH ZONE WON. HOLLA. (we played volleyball and rugby in the rain. I was in heaven:) 


IMG_0023Benjamin’s kiddos with the zots you sent, mom 🙂 

IMG_0027 copy.JPGBruddah Nash made us virgin margaritas. hahaha 

IMG_0033We won the 3 legged race. comp unity. 

IMG_1589Stray kitty…those eyes! 

Week 47 ~ It’s March Already?!?

Hello Family! 

YES, I’M ALIVE!  I haven’t been able to write until today because…. CARNIVAL.  For those who don’t know, Trinidad’s Carnival is the second largest in the world.  So this last week has been pretty crazy.  We were locked in all of Monday and had to be in by 5 on Tuesday. Our apartment is right next to Skinner’s Park, which is a hot spot of Carnival festivities. We had to drive through it yesterday to get home and we could hear the loud Soca music (which is awful) for the last 3 days.  I am pretty sure that Iiotis what the great and spacious building looks and sounds like.  I am glad it’s over! 

I woke up this morning and realized it’s already March!  A year ago at this time, Katie and I, and Austin and Hazen were living in a car roving the west coast for my last hoorah!  I can’t believe that I will be hitting my year mark this month.  I feel like I blinked and I am now what we call “an old missionary” … even though I am still the youngest in Trinidad haha.  I love this crazy island.  I think mom and dad are going to have to come drag me home. 

Last weekend I was able to do my first exchange as STL (Sister Training Leader).  I was able to go up north to my old stomping grounds!  It was so fun to visit.  Rebekah, who was one of my best friends up north that came out teaching with us all the time, came out with us!  She actually now has her mission call! 🙂 She is going to Jamaica!  She is going to be an amazing missionary.  We got to see Veronica as well, she is doing so good.  It was cool to be able to see how  much her testimony has grown since she was baptized right before I left El-Do.  I love that areaz. 🙂  I was “born” there so it will always have a special place in my heart.♥  I was up there with Sister Tula, who is going to be my next companion after Sister Jenkins dies because it will just be me and her with Sister Tui left on Trinidad.  Sister Tula is the best!  She is a professional rugby player for Samoa.  And she was a police officer… so mom, I will definitely be kept safe. haha 🙂   Sister Montenegro was also back in Trinidad for more immigration stuff so that was way fun to see her.  It was a great exchange. 🙂

Tomorrow we have Missionary Leadership Council.  It will be a skype MLC because Elder Martinez of the 70 is going to be going to Guyana because that’s where most the missionaries are.  President tried to get permission to fly us all there but it wasn’t approved.  😦 I was so sad!  I would love to see Guyana… I told president that if he ever would want to send sisters there I would be 100% fine with cold bucket showers and bikes. He laughed at me and said that will never happen. haha tragic.  I was asked to teach at MLC which I am super nervous about because a general authority will be there… so keep me in your prayers! 🙏

The work is moving along here in Marabella/Pleasantville.  It was slower this week due to Carnival.  We got cancelled on a lot… so we got some nice tan lines from contacting all day haha 🙂  I love this work!  I love walking up to strangers and talking to them about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love having a front row seat to watching the Atonement change peoples lives.  I love representing my Savior.  The Gospel is true. 



 PS. I had so many good pictures to send home but my camera card is broken! darn.  I am buying a new one so I will send some next week 🙂 Love you all!