Week 46 ~ Hello Family & Friends!

This week was amazing!  Just as hectic as last, but it finally has slowed down for the last couple days.  The sister’s (last week that I was going to take to the airport) flight got cancelled for the 5th time.  President was in Suriname so I had to figure out where the sisters were going for the week.  But everything worked out.  Sister Ortiz, one of my best mission friends from Guatemala, was with Sister Jenkins and I for the week so it was super fun!  And finally, she and the other sisters finally made it to the ABC Islands a couple days ago.

Combining these two areas, Pleasantville and Marabella, has been pretty fun!  haha I have never had so many investigators.  It’s almost stressful because we have SO many people to see!

First, the Alexander’s.  They are from the Pleasantville area.  They are an older, married couple with 4 kids.  They are so amazing!  They are progressing pretty slow because they take the Gospel very seriously.  But they are so solid.  They love the Book of Mormon and always read what we leave for them.  We feel the spirit so strongly in there home.  It’s so cool.  Brother Alexander always gets goosebumbs during the lessons.  They came to church for the first time a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately, it was Fast Sunday and some guy got up and removed his records from the church and made a big scene (haha Trinidad) so that weirded them out.  But they said they stayed and are still coming because “we felt such a calm and peaceful feeling when we walked in”.  They are so awesome!  haha  But they are testing my patience.  I just want them to get baptized already!  But they are still waiting for some answers.  Keep them in your prayers! 

Louanna Benjamin, Brother Benjamin’s daughter is on date for baptism next month!  She is seriously the cutest and smartest 11 year old.  It’s really sweet because she helps Brother Benjamin read the Book of Mormon everyday because he struggles with reading.  She said she prayed about the BOM and she feels like God told her to read it everyday with her dad and it will bless her family if she does.  Talk about a “very in tune with the spirit” 11-year old! 

We got to teach her and the other kids yesterday after church.  I love this family so much. Just pray that Sister Benjamin will soften her heart and meet with us. 

This coming week is Carnival here in Trinidad… wish me luck and keep me in your prayers! haha.  We will be locked inside in the evenings and possibly during the day… depending on how crazy it gets.  But like I’ve said, Trinidad drinks more alcohol that water… 

 Love you all so much!  Hope you all had a happy charity day this last week. 💕

Sister Kimball.

Ps… Excuse my poor English… I’ve been fighting it, but I am starting to speak like a Trini. haha.




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