Week 45 ~ PURE CHAOS.

Dear Family,

To explain my first week of being a Sister Training Leader…. PURE CHAOS.  I went to drop Sister Buckhave off at the mission home on Wednesday morning and when we walked in, President and Sister Egbert were on the phone is a panic.  All the flights had been cancelled so there were 4 missionaries that were going home that were stuck out in Curacao and the 4 Sisters being transferred to Curacao were stranded.  So president had me help him give temporary transfer calls for all the sisters.  Then the flights got cancelled 4 more times.  So they are still here!  I am taking them to the airport in just a couple hours so pray that the flights go through!  OH and we are in the process of moving apartments.  (A nicer one that the sister’s whose area got shut down use to live.) AND some sisters forgot to call into me and let me know they were in safe, so Sister Jenkins and I had to drive to there apartment at 10:30 at night and hop their fence in our dresses hahaha. They fell asleep and forgot to call in, but they were safe!😅 So yeah, it’s been a crazy week!  But that’s just mission life.  ESPECIALLY here in the Trinidad Port of Spain mission.  I love it 🙂  It’s always an adventure! 

Although this week was pretty crazy, It’s been a wonderful week 🙂  Our area is really starting to grow… literally, because we are combining another area into ours haha.  But we have found a lot of really cool people this week.  We have 3 people on date for baptism and many progressing!  I love this area so much.  Heavenly Father is truly preparing the hearts of the people here.  The gospel is true!  The only thing that brings me peace during the chaos of mission life is the Gospel and reading the Book of Mormon.  No doubt that the book is true. 

Sorry, I don’t have much time today! 

Love you all and thank you for all the emails and the throwback pictures!  haha mom and dad, I assume you were going through all the old  boxes of pictures!  I laughed so hard at them!  I was such a dweeb. 


Sister Kimball

The Modeste kids stole my camera so get ready for an overload of cute black babies! 

The also love going through my bag and pretending to read the B of M.IMG_1313.JPGimg_1306

Oh and Sister Tui came over last p-day and made us some delicious Tongan drink. 



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