Week 44 ~ TRANSFERS!

Dear Family,

Heavenly Father is really good at knocking you right out of your comfort zone right when you start feeling comfortable!  Haha  The last couple weeks I felt like I finally had gotten the area and everything figured out.  Anddddd then transfer calls came…. I have been called as a Sister Training Leader for the whole island of Trinidad and have been asked to combine my area with another area that is being shut down due to the lack of missionaries being sent here (visa issues).  I won’t lie, I am pretty nervous because that is A LOT of responsibility and I am still the youngest sister in the mission so I feel very inadequate. But I am super excited at the same time.  It’s through challenges and responsibilites that we truly grow and become the person that Heavenly Father wants us to be. 

I actually got my transfer call a few days before everyone else did because I was at the doctor for my headaches (switching medicine because the last kind made me feel sick and tired) and President and Sister Egbert came with me.  After we left the doctors, I asked President if I HAD to take the medicine because my headaches haven’t been bad lately at all. (President is a doctor) President then said, “Well, your headaches are brought on by stress, right?  I suggest you take it for this coming transfer.”  haha  So I responded with “PRESIDENT, WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN?!” Luckily he wasn’t going to leave me hangin, so I got my transfer call a week early, standing in the clinic parking lot haha. 

Sister Buckhave is leaving me this week!  I am so sad to see her go. S he is an awesome missionary.  But I once again will be killing my next companion.  My new companion is named Sister Jenkins and she is going home in 2 transfers (3 months).  I am becoming the cereal killer of the mission.😂  In two transfers, it will only be me, Sister Tui, and Sister Tuala left on the whole island.  One white girl and 2 polys. 👊  We aren’t sure what will happen at that point. We might get shipped out to the islands and have to learn Spanish and Papiamento our last 3 transfers….. oh bless.  This is craziness! 

Along with all the transfer craziness, we had a crazy week.  The medicine I took made me lathargic (I guess I am suppose to take it at night), so I was pretty out of it for a couple days hahaha.  But we saw lots of miracles this week.  Yesterday we were finally able to meet with a woman named Candice, who we taught the restoration to a few weeks back but everytime we tried to meet with her after that, she wasn’t home.  We were SO excited to finally be able to meet with her.  She had read A LOT of the Book of Mormon and she loved it!  So we went over her reading with her and then she said, “I looked up the Church online and I have some questions”…. I was so nervous because I knew she was about to spit a bunch of anti stuff at us.  And she did, but all we did to answer her questions (such as, are you racist? or sexist? ect.) was take her to scriptures in the Book of Mormon which answered all her questions.  The spirit was really strong.  Even though she had read a lot of anti stuff, her heart was really softened and she was willing to come to us before she believed those things online.  Candice is awesome!  The spirit was most definetly the teacher. 

This week we started to teach Brother Benjamin’s little 11 year old daughter!  Oh my goodness she is the sweetest and SMARTEST little girl.  She has come to church for a couple weeks ago and really loves it and loves to learn so she is excited to take the lessons. I can’t wait until the Benjamin family can one day be an eternal family 🙂

I ALMOST HIT AN IGUANA THIS WEEK.  Did I stop and cause a traffic jam until the little guy crossed safely?  Yes. 

Ok, that’s about all for this crazy week!  Love you all! 

Sister Kimball


My little Antonio ♥


Needless-to-say, the Trini kids love my blonde hair:)

For having so little, they are always SO happy ü


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