Week 43 ~ Trump & Aliens

Hello, Hello Everyone! 

My whole mission people have always told me that once you hit half way the last half goes by ten times faster than the first half.  I always thought, “But wait, the first half is already flying by??”  But wow, they were right.  I feel like I just barely hit my half way mark and then I blinked and here I am at my 10 month mark.  I was praying that with the new mission changes they were going to announce that girls could serve for 2 years haha. 

This week we had a world wide missionary broadcast!  They announced some big changes. Mostly changes with our daily schedule.  Bascially we don’t have a super set in stone schedule anymore, we still wake up at 6:30 and come in at 9, but everything in between we have a lot more freedom with planning our days.  I am really excited about it!  It’s not in effect as yet here in the Trinidad Port of Spain Mission because due to the amount of countries that are in this mission, a lot of the missionaries weren’t able to watch the broadcast and so President is waiting until MLC (where all the leaders fly in to Trinidad for a meeting) so that all the countries can discuss certain topics, like if it is safe enough for us to be out until 9 and things like that.  It will be different in each country.  So it won’t be in effect until this Friday!  But I am excited for the changes! 

This week Sister Buckhave had to go to Curacoa for a few days for immigration reasons.  So I was on an exchange up in Valsayn.  (North side of the island)  It was fun to be up there again!  But being out of my area for that long gave my anxiety. haha  I was worried about all my people down in Marabella!  But it was fun to see some North members.  We saw a member, Brother Williams and his two little kids.  I don’t think those kids had ever seen blue eyes or blonde hair because they were up in my face looking at my eyes and playing with my hair the WHOLE lesson.  haha  I love Trini kids! 

On Saturday, Sister Egbert spoiled all of us south sisters and took us to TGI Fridays!  Oh my goodness, I felt like I was in America.  I heard American music for the first time in forever and had American food (which tastes a little bland to me due to all the Trini pepper that has burned my taste buds off haha)!  And it felt like going out to lunch with mom and the girls 🙂  I love sister Egbert!  She honestly takes such good care of us!  After lunch, she came out teaching with me and Sister Buckhave.  We took her to see Brother Benjamin.  Oh it was such a spiritual lesson!  We talked about the Book of Mormon.  I have never seen someone so converted to the BoM than Benjamin.  He carries it everywhere with him and reads every morning and every night!  He is such stud! 

We finally were able to see Janell this week!  With being gone and her work schedule, we couldn’t see her for over a week.  Our lesson was a little sad with her.  She told us that she doesn’t want to marry Joel, but she wants to move out instead.  We aren’t sure what is going on with them.  But Janell still desires more than anything to be baptized.  We are praying really hard for her because she doesn’t exactly have anywhere to go.  But we know that God will provide. 

It’s been really interesting to be a missionary with all this “Trump” craziness, especially in a country full of Muslims.  I have heard some crazy things from some crazy people about what’s going on…. including things about aliens and space crafts in America. hahaha What the??  I am so happy to be in my missionary bubble. 

That’s all for the week! Love you all! 

Sister Kimball 

img_1189I want to take him home.  I love all the stray pups here haha. 

img_1129Last week for my birthday we went out to eat… first time since being in America! 😂

img_1207Dad, how’s your tan lines coming?😂

IMG_1110.JPGMy surprise birthday dinner with members in our branch!  ↑↓img_1113Sweet Esha. 

img_1088♥MY HEART♥


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