Week 42 ~ Wear The Helmet.

Dear Family,

As usual, this week here in Trinidad was wonderful!  Filled with lots of miracles. 

Janell and Joel committed to be married and baptized!  We met Joel last week and we were praying that he would be just as prepared as she is and wow… he is.  When we asked him if he believes this could be true, he said with tears in his eyes, “Yes. I feel it right here.” (pointing to his heart) They are still praying to know what date, but they are so excited to be married and to recieve the fullness of the everlasting gospel.  I am so excited for them!

Benjamin recieved the Priesthood this week and passed the sacrament!  He was so excited and when we asked him how he felt he said, “Mightier than eva” haha he is such stud!  We are still working on getting his wife to take the lessons… That is a challenging situation because their home is in a red zone so we can’t go there to teach the family.  But his wife works a lot and won’t really make time to come to his work to meet us where we usually teach him.  So keep her in your prayers!  We want to make them an eternal family:) 

Oh and my birthday was wonderful!  (Other than I feel way weird that I am now in my 20’s) My original plan was to not tell anyone and not celebrate (Forget yourself and go to work, right?)  But somehow a lot of the members and missionaires knew so that didn’t work haha.  I told a recent convert, Brother Nash, 2 months ago when my birthday was because he asked.  But haven’t mentioned it since.  But he surprised us with a whole big dinner and b-day party!  haha  I love Trinis!  And thank you all for the email b-day wishes! 

This week I was pondering a lot about the nature of our Heavenly Father and I thought back to an experience that I had as a kid that displays the love our Heavenly Father has for us.  It happened on one sunny Mt. Sterling Saturday morning, soon after we had just moved in… some of the kids next door (probably Porter and Emily, but I can’t really remember) came over on their bikes asking if I could come ride with them.  I remember going into Dad’s office, asking if I could go.  We all know that Saturday mornings were ‘work before play’ in the Kimball home so I probably had to bat my eyelashes and use my youngest child charm to get dad to say yes, and of course he did say yes haha 🙂  But I remember him saying. “Only if you MAKE SURE to wear your helmet.”  I raced out to the garage to get my brand new bike that I had only used a couple times.  I looked at the helmet hanging on the handle bars and then I looked out the garage window at the kids. None of them were wearing helmets…so I didn’t need to either, right?  I left the shiny blue helmet on the garage floor. 

Since we had just moved in, our long and steep drive way was not paved as yet.  It was dusty and rocky.  Me, being the tom-boy and show-off that I was, wanted to go down first. And I wanted to go FAST.  I started down the hill and quickly gained so much speed that I panicked.  I went to pull the brake on the right handle bar, which on my old bike would pull the brake for the back tire, but on this new bike of mine, it pulled the front brake. Which sent me flying over the handle bars.  I landed face down on the dusty road…and I landed HARD, I skid down the dirt road, face down, for a solid few feet.  I remember laying with the left side of my face still on the ground, looking up the road at the house.  I laid there for a good while, cying I’m sure.  Then I remember seeing dad running down the hill. He came to my rescue and scooped my scraped and bloody 7 year old body off that dirt road.  I clearly remember him first asking if I was ok and then asking, “Honey, WHERE IS YOUR HELMET?” haha.  He carried me inside and him and mom put me in the tub, cleaned my cuts and bandaged me up.  They fixed me.  As I look back on this memory, I realized how much it demonstrates our Heavenly Father’s love. He gives us commandments, or helmets, to keep us safe.  But sometimes we are like a dumb 7 year old that doesn’t put on the helmet.   If I would have worn my helmet, I probably wouldn’t have missed my first week of 1st grade and my face wouldn’t have been so torn up.  But dad didn’t come and yell at me for not wearing my helmet… He picked me up and carried me to safety.  He took me inside and helped mom get the rocks out of my skin and bandage me.  When we fall in this life, our Heavenly Father just wants to help us up.  I’ve realized how the world views God as a scary God just always angry with us because we are all sinners.  But He isn’t like that. He is always there and he is always there to pick us up.  He may ask, “Why didn’t you wear the helmet?” but He will still carry us to safety and heal us, if we allow Him to. 

But just wear the helmet in the first place haha.

I love you all so much! 

Sister Kimball 


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