Before I post Sister Kimball’s letter from this week, I’d like to post a picture that we sent her for her 20th birthday coming up (January 21st).  Her nieces and nephews loved giving her this birthday shout out!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER KIMBALL!! WE LOVE YOU!!!image1-4Lottie Girl (13 months),  Andi Girl (2 1/2 yrs), Baby Kimball (3 months), Kash Man (4 1/2 yrs)  

Dear Family,

What a wonderful week!  Too many miracles to put into one email so I will narrow it down. 

Janell…. still so amazingly prepared.  We went back this week and taught her the Book of Mormom and then kind of realized she wasn’t fully grasping the Priesthood so we took a step back to the Restoration.  After doing every visual way of teaching possible…it finally clicked. S he looked at us with bugged eyes and said “so… you are saying that all the other churches are baptizing without God’s authority so it doesn’t count in heaven?”  We nodded yes…”Well, looks like I need to get baptized by the Priesthood as soon as possible!”  The Spirit was the teacher there! he is awesome. We are meeting her boyfriend, Joel, tonight.  Hoping he is as prepared as she is because they live together and will need to get married before baptism.  Keep them in your prayers! 

Yesterday there was a Carribean broadcast from the area seventy…three wards/branches met at our building and watched the broadcast.  I got to see so many Trini’s that I love and the Spirit was so strong with the broadcast.  It gave me a lot of peace with what is going on with the government lately…the members are being prepared and strengthened here. Whether that be because the missionaries will be pulled out of here or not…I don’t know. But I know the Lord has a plan for these amazing people here in Trinidad.  Just as President Hinckley prophesied… there will be a temple here one day. 

Sorry, I don’t have much time today!  We went on a hike today with the zone so our Pday has been a bit hectic! (as always) 

I know the Gospel is true.  Jesus Christ lives. I t is ONLY through Him that we can find eternal joy. 

Have a wonderful week everyone! 

p1010692Carnival is starting. Going to be locked inside for a half a week next month. 😬


img_1068my Sistaz. (hiking in the jungle)

img_1028Where Janell lives.

img_1024                              CHRISTMAS IN JANUARY.  (Finally got my pkg:)


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