Week 40 ~ Baptist Mormons?

Dear Family, 

Wow.  What a week.  Tuesday night I took Sister Montenegro to the airport (at 3 in the morning… death) and then I stayed up north with a sister named Sister Delima for a couple days while I waited for Sister Buckhave to fly in.  It was so fun to be up north and see all my north souls!  But wow, I forgot how awful driving is there.  I was basically screaming the whole time and then we got pulled over twice…and one of the times they pulled us into the Portal Police Station and didn’t let us leave forever and asked us all these weird questions.  hahaha  I was terrified.  But they eventually let us go and didn’t give us a ticket so God is good. 

Sister Buckhave is such a sweet soul!  I have been so blessed with my companions! Especially the dying ones!  She is not trunky in the slightest which I am so grateful for. And she is an amazing teacher!  She was also born in this area so she already knows and loves the people and is so excited to work hard.  We saw so many miracles this week. Since we were kind of starting from scratch in our area at the beginning of our area, all we did was contact for the first week.  Which means this week we had a lot of return appointments and met a lot of amazing people.  Today I will tell you all about Janell:)  We found Janell while going through the area book.  We felt prompted to call her and when she answered she was SO EXCITED that we called and after I asked when we could see her she said, “Well can you come now?”  So we hopped in the car and went!  We evnetually found the street she lived on and as we drove through we were thinking, “Wow, this is a really nice area!”  The houses were huge and so nice!  We met her at the end of the street on the corner and she said she would walk us to her house.  We turned the corner and it all changed to dirt roads, bush, rasta men, and board houses.  Typical Trindad.  We had a lesson with her while sitting on her cute and half dilapitated porch.  The spirit was so strong.  She has been reading the BoM ever since the sisters stopped teaching her last year.  She accpeted a baptismal date for Febuary 18th.  Keep her in your prayers! 

Yesterday at church we had an interesting experience!  A woman that none of us knew stood up to bear her testimony.  She got up to the pulpet and just sat there for a solid 20 seconds without saying anything and then she just starts PREACHING.  Like spiritual Baptists type of preaching.  The whole congregration was just so confused haha!  But turns out, she is from Trinidad, was raised by baptist preachers, moved to California and was looking for a Baptist church.  She got down on her knees to ask God for a church 8 times.. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. after she said amen…the missionaries knocked on the door.  She eventually got the point and joined the church and now she lives in Utah.  The Church is true.

Love you all 🙂 

Sister Kimberely

Some shots of my beautiful island.



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