Dear Family, 

My heart is so full! I always thought that Christmas in the mission would be really hard, but yesterday was easily the best and happiest day of my mission. I got to see you all and spread the Gospel of our Savior. Skype was so great! I love you all so much! All of your support and prayers mean the world to me. And thanks for helping me be obedient and letting me go after 40 minutes haha! 😂😘  I feel so incredibly blessed to be here in Trinidad AND to have an amazig family and support system back home. THANK YOU ALL. 

After we skyped, we went out to work. We got to see some of our recent converts and the Modeste family. Being here for Christmas was so humbling. You could say that being here in Trinidad has made me realize how good I had it growing up. And it’s also helped me to remember the true meaning of Christmas…the world has lost the true meaning. But truly, when we focus on the Savior, you could get nothing for Christmas and you would be the happiest person on the island. I saw that yesterday. I love the people here in Trinidad and how they have effected my life. I love these people with my whole heart and soul. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be apart of bringing the Gospel to this part of the world. The gospel is true! 

Love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS. 

Sister Kimball






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