Week 42 ~ Wear The Helmet.

Dear Family,

As usual, this week here in Trinidad was wonderful!  Filled with lots of miracles. 

Janell and Joel committed to be married and baptized!  We met Joel last week and we were praying that he would be just as prepared as she is and wow… he is.  When we asked him if he believes this could be true, he said with tears in his eyes, “Yes. I feel it right here.” (pointing to his heart) They are still praying to know what date, but they are so excited to be married and to recieve the fullness of the everlasting gospel.  I am so excited for them!

Benjamin recieved the Priesthood this week and passed the sacrament!  He was so excited and when we asked him how he felt he said, “Mightier than eva” haha he is such stud!  We are still working on getting his wife to take the lessons… That is a challenging situation because their home is in a red zone so we can’t go there to teach the family.  But his wife works a lot and won’t really make time to come to his work to meet us where we usually teach him.  So keep her in your prayers!  We want to make them an eternal family:) 

Oh and my birthday was wonderful!  (Other than I feel way weird that I am now in my 20’s) My original plan was to not tell anyone and not celebrate (Forget yourself and go to work, right?)  But somehow a lot of the members and missionaires knew so that didn’t work haha.  I told a recent convert, Brother Nash, 2 months ago when my birthday was because he asked.  But haven’t mentioned it since.  But he surprised us with a whole big dinner and b-day party!  haha  I love Trinis!  And thank you all for the email b-day wishes! 

This week I was pondering a lot about the nature of our Heavenly Father and I thought back to an experience that I had as a kid that displays the love our Heavenly Father has for us.  It happened on one sunny Mt. Sterling Saturday morning, soon after we had just moved in… some of the kids next door (probably Porter and Emily, but I can’t really remember) came over on their bikes asking if I could come ride with them.  I remember going into Dad’s office, asking if I could go.  We all know that Saturday mornings were ‘work before play’ in the Kimball home so I probably had to bat my eyelashes and use my youngest child charm to get dad to say yes, and of course he did say yes haha 🙂  But I remember him saying. “Only if you MAKE SURE to wear your helmet.”  I raced out to the garage to get my brand new bike that I had only used a couple times.  I looked at the helmet hanging on the handle bars and then I looked out the garage window at the kids. None of them were wearing helmets…so I didn’t need to either, right?  I left the shiny blue helmet on the garage floor. 

Since we had just moved in, our long and steep drive way was not paved as yet.  It was dusty and rocky.  Me, being the tom-boy and show-off that I was, wanted to go down first. And I wanted to go FAST.  I started down the hill and quickly gained so much speed that I panicked.  I went to pull the brake on the right handle bar, which on my old bike would pull the brake for the back tire, but on this new bike of mine, it pulled the front brake. Which sent me flying over the handle bars.  I landed face down on the dusty road…and I landed HARD, I skid down the dirt road, face down, for a solid few feet.  I remember laying with the left side of my face still on the ground, looking up the road at the house.  I laid there for a good while, cying I’m sure.  Then I remember seeing dad running down the hill. He came to my rescue and scooped my scraped and bloody 7 year old body off that dirt road.  I clearly remember him first asking if I was ok and then asking, “Honey, WHERE IS YOUR HELMET?” haha.  He carried me inside and him and mom put me in the tub, cleaned my cuts and bandaged me up.  They fixed me.  As I look back on this memory, I realized how much it demonstrates our Heavenly Father’s love. He gives us commandments, or helmets, to keep us safe.  But sometimes we are like a dumb 7 year old that doesn’t put on the helmet.   If I would have worn my helmet, I probably wouldn’t have missed my first week of 1st grade and my face wouldn’t have been so torn up.  But dad didn’t come and yell at me for not wearing my helmet… He picked me up and carried me to safety.  He took me inside and helped mom get the rocks out of my skin and bandage me.  When we fall in this life, our Heavenly Father just wants to help us up.  I’ve realized how the world views God as a scary God just always angry with us because we are all sinners.  But He isn’t like that. He is always there and he is always there to pick us up.  He may ask, “Why didn’t you wear the helmet?” but He will still carry us to safety and heal us, if we allow Him to. 

But just wear the helmet in the first place haha.

I love you all so much! 

Sister Kimball 



Before I post Sister Kimball’s letter from this week, I’d like to post a picture that we sent her for her 20th birthday coming up (January 21st).  Her nieces and nephews loved giving her this birthday shout out!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER KIMBALL!! WE LOVE YOU!!!image1-4Lottie Girl (13 months),  Andi Girl (2 1/2 yrs), Baby Kimball (3 months), Kash Man (4 1/2 yrs)  

Dear Family,

What a wonderful week!  Too many miracles to put into one email so I will narrow it down. 

Janell…. still so amazingly prepared.  We went back this week and taught her the Book of Mormom and then kind of realized she wasn’t fully grasping the Priesthood so we took a step back to the Restoration.  After doing every visual way of teaching possible…it finally clicked. S he looked at us with bugged eyes and said “so… you are saying that all the other churches are baptizing without God’s authority so it doesn’t count in heaven?”  We nodded yes…”Well, looks like I need to get baptized by the Priesthood as soon as possible!”  The Spirit was the teacher there! he is awesome. We are meeting her boyfriend, Joel, tonight.  Hoping he is as prepared as she is because they live together and will need to get married before baptism.  Keep them in your prayers! 

Yesterday there was a Carribean broadcast from the area seventy…three wards/branches met at our building and watched the broadcast.  I got to see so many Trini’s that I love and the Spirit was so strong with the broadcast.  It gave me a lot of peace with what is going on with the government lately…the members are being prepared and strengthened here. Whether that be because the missionaries will be pulled out of here or not…I don’t know. But I know the Lord has a plan for these amazing people here in Trinidad.  Just as President Hinckley prophesied… there will be a temple here one day. 

Sorry, I don’t have much time today!  We went on a hike today with the zone so our Pday has been a bit hectic! (as always) 

I know the Gospel is true.  Jesus Christ lives. I t is ONLY through Him that we can find eternal joy. 

Have a wonderful week everyone! 

p1010692Carnival is starting. Going to be locked inside for a half a week next month. 😬


img_1068my Sistaz. (hiking in the jungle)

img_1028Where Janell lives.

img_1024                              CHRISTMAS IN JANUARY.  (Finally got my pkg:)

Week 40 ~ Baptist Mormons?

Dear Family, 

Wow.  What a week.  Tuesday night I took Sister Montenegro to the airport (at 3 in the morning… death) and then I stayed up north with a sister named Sister Delima for a couple days while I waited for Sister Buckhave to fly in.  It was so fun to be up north and see all my north souls!  But wow, I forgot how awful driving is there.  I was basically screaming the whole time and then we got pulled over twice…and one of the times they pulled us into the Portal Police Station and didn’t let us leave forever and asked us all these weird questions.  hahaha  I was terrified.  But they eventually let us go and didn’t give us a ticket so God is good. 

Sister Buckhave is such a sweet soul!  I have been so blessed with my companions! Especially the dying ones!  She is not trunky in the slightest which I am so grateful for. And she is an amazing teacher!  She was also born in this area so she already knows and loves the people and is so excited to work hard.  We saw so many miracles this week. Since we were kind of starting from scratch in our area at the beginning of our area, all we did was contact for the first week.  Which means this week we had a lot of return appointments and met a lot of amazing people.  Today I will tell you all about Janell:)  We found Janell while going through the area book.  We felt prompted to call her and when she answered she was SO EXCITED that we called and after I asked when we could see her she said, “Well can you come now?”  So we hopped in the car and went!  We evnetually found the street she lived on and as we drove through we were thinking, “Wow, this is a really nice area!”  The houses were huge and so nice!  We met her at the end of the street on the corner and she said she would walk us to her house.  We turned the corner and it all changed to dirt roads, bush, rasta men, and board houses.  Typical Trindad.  We had a lesson with her while sitting on her cute and half dilapitated porch.  The spirit was so strong.  She has been reading the BoM ever since the sisters stopped teaching her last year.  She accpeted a baptismal date for Febuary 18th.  Keep her in your prayers! 

Yesterday at church we had an interesting experience!  A woman that none of us knew stood up to bear her testimony.  She got up to the pulpet and just sat there for a solid 20 seconds without saying anything and then she just starts PREACHING.  Like spiritual Baptists type of preaching.  The whole congregration was just so confused haha!  But turns out, she is from Trinidad, was raised by baptist preachers, moved to California and was looking for a Baptist church.  She got down on her knees to ask God for a church 8 times.. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. after she said amen…the missionaries knocked on the door.  She eventually got the point and joined the church and now she lives in Utah.  The Church is true.

Love you all 🙂 

Sister Kimberely

Some shots of my beautiful island.


Week 39 ~ Called to Kill

*Let me explain, “Called to Kill”.  If you are the last companion of a missionary that is going home, then you “Kill” them.  #missionarylingo 

Dear Family, 

I think one of the best feelings as a missionary is working so hard that you literally fall asleep on your knees as you are praying.  This week that has happened almost every night. I would say “amen” and then I would fall asleep, and eventually wake up at midnight and crawl into bed.  Sister Montenegro and I have been starting form ground zero because all of our investigators were baptized, which is obviously a great thing!  But now we are just trying to find more people that are prepared!  We have been contacting for hours on end this week in the hot Trini sun and I LOVE IT.  We have met some amazing people.  (and some crazy ones;)  I am excited for this week because we will be able to meet with them and share the Gospel with them:) 

Sister Montenegro is leaving me tomorrow!  The government has yet to give her her work permit. So I am taking her to the airport at 3 am tomorrow morning and then I will be waiting up north with another sister until my new companion, Sister Buckhave, she is coming in from Aruba. This is also her last transfer!  She is having some health issues so President wants her to come into Trindad. I am excited! She is a really awesome missionary. But I am super sad to leave my lil’ Peruvian.

This week I have been doing a lot of thinking about the Atonement of our Savior. I have been reading The Infinite Atonement and there was a quote that really touched my heart:

 “One may search the world in vain, he may scour the journals of thought, he may toy with the philosophies of men, but eventually he will learn that there is no hope, no lasting peace outside of Jesus Christ.  The Atoning sacrafice of Christ, and our full acceptance of it, is the spiritual antidote that replaces despair with hope, darkness with light, and turmoil with peace.” 

I’ve learned a lot about the Atonement on my mission.  I think the most important thing that I have come to know is that there is no other way to find true joy.  I am on an island thousands of miles away from my family and friends and worldly things that I thought I would really miss, yet…  I have never been so happy in my whole life.  And I know that it is because of the Savior and the opportunity I have to spread His Gospel.  He lives and He is oh so good.  As we come closer to our Savior, we find true joy, a sense of belonging, and a love that we didn’t even know was possible.  We find ourselves, because we slowly become who He wants us to be. 

The Gospel is True. 

I love you all!  Thank you for everything and the prayers.  I feel them everyday! 

Sister Kimball 


She likes my glasses:)




They love the simple things…being together.


Dear Family, 

My heart is so full! I always thought that Christmas in the mission would be really hard, but yesterday was easily the best and happiest day of my mission. I got to see you all and spread the Gospel of our Savior. Skype was so great! I love you all so much! All of your support and prayers mean the world to me. And thanks for helping me be obedient and letting me go after 40 minutes haha! 😂😘  I feel so incredibly blessed to be here in Trinidad AND to have an amazig family and support system back home. THANK YOU ALL. 

After we skyped, we went out to work. We got to see some of our recent converts and the Modeste family. Being here for Christmas was so humbling. You could say that being here in Trinidad has made me realize how good I had it growing up. And it’s also helped me to remember the true meaning of Christmas…the world has lost the true meaning. But truly, when we focus on the Savior, you could get nothing for Christmas and you would be the happiest person on the island. I saw that yesterday. I love the people here in Trinidad and how they have effected my life. I love these people with my whole heart and soul. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be apart of bringing the Gospel to this part of the world. The gospel is true! 

Love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS. 

Sister Kimball





Our Christmas Skype with Sister Kimball by Mama Kimball

For those of you who don’t know, I (Mama Kimball) update Sister Kimball’s blog every week.  She created this blog before she left and asked that I post her weekly pictures and letters.  Wow, she has a lot of technological faith in her Mama:)  So far, so good. For this post I thought I’d include some pictures of our awesome Skype we had with McKae on Christmas day.  It was amazing and emotional, but worth all of the emotions this ol’ mama was feeling.  She is doing great and is VERY happy.  It’s very apparent!  She LOVES Trinidad and is already  sad about the day she will leave the kind, loving people of Trini and their beautiful island.  She still has 9 or 10 months left, but didn’t want to talk about coming home.  So we didn’t:)  She is so appreciative of all the love & support she feels from home and wants everyone to know that she definitely feels that spirit from home.  She also wants everyone to know that even tho you may not hear back from her, Sister Kimball loves and appreciates you all.  She is VERY busy and some weeks she can barely get a group letter out.  Sometimes it’s just a few quick pictures.  Just know that she loves hearing from you.  Missionaries love anything from home!

Today  McKae’s dad and I were able to attend the homecoming of one of her favorite companions.  Sister Kimball was Sister Paul’s last companion.  They called each other Sister KimPaul.  lol  It was such a special meeting and testified again to me that McKae is right where she should be.  What a blessing for our family. 

Thanks again everyone for your support and prayers for our Trini missionary!  Happy New Year!!

♥Teri Kimball ~ Missionary Mom


Sister Kimball’s Christmas Skype ~ 2016


All together! #kinda #bestChristmaspresent


Sister Paul’s Homecoming (amazing)  January 1, 2017.  Sister Kimball was her last companion.  McKae said she was so greatful to have the opportunity to serve with her! Welcome home Sarah:)