Week 37 ~ Sorry, BUSY week! Just pics:)

img_0764Hammocking by the ocean. Best P-day ever. 

img_0807I lose a lot of hair everytime we go to see the Modeste family.  I love them so much. 

img_0778SHELDON.  My favorite Jamaican. 

p1220650Benjamin’s baptism truly was so special.  Something I will never forget. (Also, my secret prayer was answered… a Rasta baptized a Rasta;) 

p1220451Touching a zombie dog ↑ ↓p1220449


Week 36 ~ Esha

Dear family, 

This week we saw many miracles… just like every other week in missionary work 🙂 

Esha was baptized this week! We saw so many miracles with getting her baptism all put together!  For example… the morning of the baptism, both Sister Paul and I felt really impressed to throw a towel in the car.  Way random right?  Well we did it anyway.  Later in the day we were contacting about and hour and a half before the baptism when the member who was so suppose to baptize Esha called us and said he was stuck at work and wouldn’t make it on time.  After we hung up we stopped on the road and prayed to ask who we should call to baptize her.  We felt impressed that we should ask a recent convert so that he would have the chance to exercise his priesthood.  Someone named Brother Dave came to mind, he isn’t in our area so we asked the Elders to call him and ask.  About 10 minutes later (so now an hour before the baptism) they called back and said “Dave doesn’t have time to run home before the baptism but he said if you bring him a towel he can be to the church on time.”…. We both just looked at each other with wide eyes and said, “yeah we can bring him a towel.” This really strengthened my testimony that God is so aware of us.  Even things as small as a towel. 🙂 

Another miracle with the baptism was Esha’s mother came!!! She is a devout Hindu and was really against her joining the church (hence the 4 months it took to get her to give her signed permission).  Esha was really heartbroken that she wasn’t going to come.  But as Sister Paul and I were setting up early we saw her standing at the front of the church.  We sprinted to her because we were so excited!  We talked with her for awhile before the baptism… she was really nervous.  She thought she was losing her daughter.  We explained to her (for like the third time) what baptism was and then asked if we could say a prayer with her.  She was a lot more calm after the prayer.  The spirit was so strong. 

Our ward had the Christmas party and the Stake preformed a Christmas play!  Which means I got to see all my homies from the north side.  Wow!  I love them all so much.  I truly have come to love these people more than I knew possible.  It’s crazy to think I am almost half way through my mission… I never want to go home. 

Today we are going hammocking for the rest of P-day and Benjamin is getting baptized this week so stay tuned for some more fun stories and pictures 🙂 

Love you all!  Hope you all are having fun in the snow while I am over here either drenched in sweat or in hot rain. 

Sister KimPaul


Esha 🙂 and all her missionaries. 


Paiting a board house ↑ ↓dsc07500

Weeks 34 & 35 ~ Miracles & Scary Dogs!

Hello Everyone! 

Sister Paul and I were sick with some weird flu and I had to go to the doctor for migraine issues… so we somewhat, had a slow week.  But eventually we had a break down from being inside (it was only half a day….. but we just wanted to work😅), so we went out and worked even though we were told to stay inside…. worth it.  We found some really prepared people!!  We found 3 single moms, all of them are seriously so prepared and we had super spiritual lessons with them.  Goes to show that if you work hard, haha, even when you are sick, God blesses.

We saw so many miracles!  One of my favorites was with an investigator named Esha.  Esha is 16 and has been taking the lessons since August… but her family is devout Hindu so her mother wouldn’t give her permission to be baptized.  But since August she has been to church every week and living the commandments.  Last week we decided to start something called “The Esha Project”.  We started with a fast and gave Esha 3 challenges for the month of December:  

1.  Read the BOM every single day.

2.  Talk to someone everyday about Jesus Christ.

3.  Write her mother a letter about why she wants to join the church.

We went to see her at the beginning of this week to follow up and when we got there, she just handed a notebook and said, “open it”.  When we opened it, inside was the parent consent paper.. SIGNED!  We all started screaming haha.  It was a huge miracle and we know it was all because Esha had faith.  Man, I love missionary work.  You get a front row seat to seeing people find true joy. 

Another miracle… Benjamin.  Most prepared man I have ever met.  I’ve talked about him before but just to review…he grew up in Guyana and didn’t get much of an education.  So we have to go really slow with him.  But the Spirit truly is preparing him for his baptismal date… December 17th.  We taught him about the Sabbath Day this week and he said “Yeah, the last 2 weeks after I have left church I was planning on going to work, but something told me to go home and spend time with my kids instead”.  One thing I have learned from teaching Benjamin is how the Spirit is truly the teacher.  It has nothing to do with what us as missionaries do.  We are just a tool in God’s hands. 

Funny story of the week… We were at a members house, Brother Mendoza, who is in his 80’s.  He has a big scary dog that tries to attack us ever time so he gets a long stick and protects us until we can get up the stairs to the gallery… well, when we were walking back down to the car I took the stick from Brother Mendoza and said, “I got this Brother Mendoza” … Yeah no, the dog came at me and my companions so we all were screaming “BROTHER MENDOZA” and hid behind him… hahaha an 80 year old man can protect me and my companions better than I can!  But then again… the dogs here are vicious. 

That’s all for this week!  Love you all.  Have a good week 🙂  Thanks for all that sent me pics of Kimball’s blessing!  He is an angel!

Sister Kimball

Tracting with Sister Paul
Sarah Lee and her baby, Jaseon 🙂
I’m taking one home with me 😉


The cutest kids…
…they love my blonde hair.


When I was sick…I moved the couch into the kitchen by our study table so I could still weekly plan…hahaha. I was half asleep tho.