Week 33 ~ Trio Love

I LOVE MARABELLA.  This area is amazing.  The people are amazing.  I am by the ocean.  The apartment is amazing.  ( I can control the tempurature on the shower and don’t have to light the stove and oven with a match… luxaries.)  My companion is amazing.  The ward is amazing.  THE GOSPEL IS AMAZING. 

I am actually in a trio right now.  Sister Montenegro who is a cute sister from Peru is staying with us for a few more days…. she has to come into the country every so often for awhile for immigration stuff, but she usually is in Aruba.  She is the cutest… she is 5 feet tall haha 🙂  Sister Paul and I are basically the same person.  Before her mission she had dreads, loved hammocking, and played volleyball…. Crazy!  She actually took gold in the Jr olympics and had a scholarship to BYU.. super good.  We play volleyball for our work outs in the morning 🙂 I love it.  She didn’t end up playing at BYU and so she went to USU… we have some mutual friends even!  I am so sad this is her last transfer…I wish I could serve with her for the rest of my mission. .She is a super hard worker. .She told president that she just wanted a comp that would “hit the ground running” with her for her last transfer … and boy have we been running.  I have never been so tired in my life and I love it.  We are working hard and having tons of fun while doing it.  (Chase she is going back to USU… jus’ sayin’)

We have an investigator named Benjamin from Guyana… he is so prepared.  Every lesson with him the spirit is so strong.  He will be baptized next month 🙂  Oh and he has dreads down to his butt.  I love my mission. 

Kevin got baptized this week!  We were able to go to the baptism 🙂  It was sunday morning so we woke up at 5 and drove back to EL DO and then made it back in time for a confirmation of someone Sister Paul taught.  It was a great day! 

I don’t have much time so that’s all I have for the week.  Love you all!  I can’t believe Chase is home… I am going to be home just a year from now and it gives me anxiety haha. 

Sister KimPaul

Ps. I can see Venezuela from my house. 

unnamedSister KIMPAUL 😉

img_0578Where we teach Benjamin haha 🙂



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