Weeks 31 & 32 ~ Hello World!

I didn’t write a group email last week. (no excuse.. just pure laziness and tiredness haha sorry!)  I’ll just get into the highlights of the last couple weeks.

A few weeks ago we got a head quarter refferal (which are pretty rare), but we couldn’t get ahold of her for a long time.  All we knew was her name was Linda and she wanted a BoM. Well, one day we were doing some phone contacting and we decided to try her again.  We finally got ahold of her!  We set up a time and got some nice Trini directions which consisted of “go up so & so on John’s road. Turn left to the 55th lamp post and then ask someone for directions to my house” haha typical.  We figured we would go as far as we could and then call her.  Well she lives way in the bush and when we got as far as we could…. we had no service.  Well we had no clue how to get there so we said a prayer and got out and just started searching.  We talked to 5 people and eventually one of them knew where Linda lived.  We found her and taught her the Restoration in her tiny board house that had holes everywhere in the ceiling and floor…  and the SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG.  She is  amazing. Talk about a miracle! 

This Tuesday I had one of the most terrifying and hilarious moments in my mission. The day started out like any other.. got up and worked out and jumped in the shower. Well while I was showering… THE SHOWERHEAD EXPLODED AND WAS ENGULFED IN FLAMES. What the!… hahah.  I screamed and jumped out… grabbed my towel and ran out to Sister Masciantoni screaming, “The shower is on fire!!!!”  She thought I meant the water was hot so she gave me a super wierd look hahah so i dragged her to the bathroom (in this moment I was just wrapped in a towel with a head full of conditionar and a face covered in facewash) We got to the bathroom and there was a giant black cloud and ash going everywhere. We dumped some water on the shower head and by some miracle it went out.. it was an electrical fire and I guess you aren’t suppose to put water on those.. whoops. Missionary protection is real. We got the fire out and I finished my shower in the sink…. absolute craziness.  It hasn’t happened since then so it’s fixed… I think. 😂

We had exchanges this week.  I went to an area called Valsayn with a sister named Sister Petersen. Her and I have the exact personality.  It’s kind of creepy actually how similiar we are.  It was such a fun exchange!  We held dead iguanas and had a Trini ask to take a picture with us because “white gals” hahahah.  I’ll send pics of the exchange next week.  (my camera was dead so Sister Pertersen has to send them to me.) 

We had transfers this week and guess who is leaving good ol’ El Dorado!!  Yep, I am going to the other side of the island.  I’m gonna be a South Sister!  I am going down to Marabella.  I am super sad to leave ElDo.  I love the people here, but I am also excited to experience more of Trinidad.  I hear South is like a  different country…the people are a lot more poor down there.  My companion will be a sister named Sister Paul.  I will actually be killing her! (Meaning this is her last transfer before she goes home)  And this is a short transfer because of Christmas so I have 5 weeks to learn the area before I lead out again… Pray for me.  I am super excited to be with Sister Paul! She is an amazing missionary and I will learn a lot from her.  She went to USU and played volleyball so yeah, we’ll get along 🙂 

I am so grateful for the time I had up North and the time I had with Sister Masciantoni.  I have learned so much these last 2 transfers.  They have been the most trying time of my mission thus far and I am so grateful.  Sister Masciantoni and I could not be more opposite. I won’t lie…we did not get along at first, but because of that we have both learned a lot of patience and charity.  When you put yourself to the side and look at others as God sees them… you can come to love anyone.  And that’s just what has happened with us.  We are really good friends now.  I have learned so much about the Atonement and how it works in every aspect of our lives, every single day.  I am so grateful for my Savior and setting the example of what we should aspire to be. 

Sister Kimball 


img_0396I made the cutest planner :’) 


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