Week 30 ~ Happy Divali!!

Dear Fam,

First off, CONGRATS JACKI AND KADE ON THE NEW BABY BOY.  He is beautiful.  My heart seriously melted when I saw the pictures.  I can’t wait to meet the little guy :’)


Baby Kimball and big sister, Andi

This week was a huge Indian holiday here in Trinidad called Divali.  I’ve eaten so much Indian food this last week that I don’t think I will ever eat anymore.  And Sister Masciantoni and I are going on a spinach only diet to counter act all the food.  Lol.  Divali is a holiday to celerate Mother Lecthme… a Hunidu God.  She is the God of Light so all of Trinidad was lit up with candles along the road and in the yards.  They also hang up Christmas lights and set off fireworks.  Words can’t describe how beautiful is was (and loud.  They do this thing called bamboo busting which sounds like a gun shot. We live in Hindu village so I didn’t get much sleep that night hahah).  A less active whose family is all Hindu invited us over so we got plenty Indian food and everyone was all dressed up in fancy Indian clothes.  IT WAS SO COOL.

This week I had one of those *click* moments where something in life just all the sudden makes sense.  As you all know, my original plan was to go to a full year of school, but about this time last year I felt really prompted to just hand in my papers and go asap.  Honestly, I didn’t want to.   I was loving Dixie, ambassadors, and frankly, I didn’t feel ready for a mission.  But I decided that God knew best so I went ahead and handed in  my papers.  Well now it makes sense that I was suppose to go early.  Sister Tui and I were the last missionaries to get work permits granted so that we could come into the country.  The government right now is NOT letting missionaries in.  There are 38 work permits collecting dust on a desk somewhere that they won’t even look at.  All the missionaries that now are getting their call here have to wait at least 5 to 6 months before leaving and we don’t even know if they will ever make it to Trinidad.  If I wouldn’t have turned in my papers when I did.. who knows if I would have made it to this country that I have grown to love so much. (For further explanation of how we feel as a mission see Alma 58:34-37)

We saw many many miracles this week!  One of which is with Kevin… he still hasn’t smoked and finally got to church this week!  And absolutely loved it. 

I wish I could write more, but I have no time. 

Have a great week everyone! 

IMG_0313.JPGIMG_0320.JPGI ate a chicken foot.  It tasted like sucking fat off of little fingers. 

IMG_0336.JPGUs in our Indian dresses for Divali 🙂

img_0342I want an Indian child 

IMG_0362 2.JPGThe candles that lit up the whole country

IMG_0353.JPGREAL Indian food. 


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