Weeks 28 & 29 ~ Hello, Fellow Humans!

Wow, this week was amazing and EXHAUSTING.  Trinidad is under a heat wave this week and holy crap, I have never been so hot in my entire life.  The heat has taken it out of me and every night this week I am asleep before my head even hits the pillow…. seriously. Pray that I won’t melt away.

Regardless of the heat, I am still completely in love with this place and the people.  We saw so many miracles this week!  I’ll share some of my favorites: 

Ricardo and Ventra.  Ricardo is the less active man that the drunk guy led us to that I talked about a couple weeks back.  We tried to meet with him like 3 times, but he kept duckin’ us.  But then all the sudden he called us and said his wife and him would love to meet with us later that evening.  OH MY GOODNESS they are so awesome.  Ricardo hasn’t been to church so teaching him was like teaching an investigator and his wife is the cutest. She was raised Hindu, but said “I don’t follow it… it makes absolutely no sense.”  She also has like 3 master degrees.  The lesson with them was one of the best lessons I have ever had.  The spirit was so strong.  I am so excited to teach them!  Transfers are in 2 weeks and I pray I don’t get transferred…  but I have been here for 4.5 months now so… there is a good possibility I will be leaving my beloved El Dorado 😦 


We taught her last transfer and then she literally dropped of the face of the planet.  We could not get ahold of her and even her friends that are in the ward couldn’t get ahold of her.  I guess she went into hibernation because she got zika.  Shucks.  But she  called us and asked to meet again.  She will be baptized just now.  Seriously she is so prepared.  And also probably the prettiest Trinidadian I have ever seen. 

Kevin.  The most golden investigator.. the only struggle he has is making it to church and he is trying to quite smoking.  He use to smoke 2 packs a day.  Ouch.  But since we taught him the Word of Wisdom, which was over 2 weeks ago, he has not smoked ONE CIGARETTE!!!  When we taught him the WOW we challenged him to pray and read the BOM every time he feels to smoke.  He now doesn’t even have the desire to smoke.  Isn’t that amazing?  Gospel is true people.  If he gets out to church the next couple weeks he will be baptized on November 20th.  Pray for him please 🙂

Sister Kimberly.  (Still the only thing Trini’s call me Lol) 

The first 3 pictures are how we get into a board house of our investigator named Russell.

IMG_0237 2.JPGIMG_0232.JPGIMG_0202.JPG


img_0206So GREEN!

img_0210My girl, Antonia

img_0215-2Black Moses

img_0248Curry and Rice….So much curry!

IMG_0258.JPGCrazy story….This is a less active member, Renold.  He is a stud.  Well, about 2 months ago he found out he had 2 kids who’s mom had abandoned them in the bush so he fought for custody and is taking care of them.  He is such a good dad!  Those kids are lucky.


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