Week 27 ~ What. A. Week.

Alright, I’ll just get right into it.

Veronica missed her confirmation this week… every missionaries worst nightmare.  So after church we went to check on her.  Turns out she spent the day in the hospital with some nasty virus and high blood pressure… pretty good excuse I guess hahah!  I swear, the adversary is working SO HARD on that woman. S he has had lots of trials thrown her way since she has found the gospel… GET THEE HENCE SATAN.  But she is staying strong in the faith and plans on being confirmed next week 🙂 

On Thursday the ward put together a less active visit. (Only about 20% of the ward is active… ouch) so we all meet up at a designated place and Bishop gives us some papers with named and addresses and we divide and conquer.  Rebekah came with us which is always a party.  And super helpful because she actually knows her way around haha!  We had five names but only found one… all the others moved or maybe even died, who knows. haha.  But the one we found was a miracle!  We only had a street name so we found the street… which was a hill up in a bushy area.  We didn’t have a house number so we just got out and started asking people if they knew a Ricardo…. some guy said, “There are 5 Ricardo’s in this area.”  hahaha AWESOME.  But we kept looking.  Then some drunk guy started talking to us and said he knew who we were looking for and told us to follow him…. It was the best lead we had so we just went with it. AND THE DRUNK GUY TOOK US TO THE RIGHT RICARDO!  Honestly it was a miracle.  He was about 30 and hasn’t been to church since he was little.  He invited us back and committed to come to a fireside 🙂  God truly does give us so much guidance in this work… even if it is through old drunk guys;) 

Sister Masciantoni and I were out contacting this week and we passed a house with ginormous Hindu flags. Sister Masciantoni goes “Lets contact it.  Should be interesting.” haha I was up for the adventure so we went. We walking down the street to the home and it had some scriptures and weird symbols painted on the walls and “Jesus never fails” painted across the wall.  So we thought ok…. Hindu Christian maybe?  But we were so wrong… some guy in his 20’s came out and just had the biggest smile on his face and was super happy to talk with us.  We asked him about the home and I guess he and his family are “Orshida Baptist” and there home was also the church and the temple.  We asked if we could see the rest of it and he said “Really?  Most people are too scared to come in” …… SKETCH.  We went anyway. (don’t kill me mom)  So he showed us around.  He showed us the baptismal pool which is also where “women spirits come to bathe” and then he showed us a room where they preform animal sacrifice… it was lit with candles, stained with blood and there were all sorts of swords hung on the wall.  Then he took us to a prayer shack.  The floor was made of cement, olive oil and cow feces because “the spirits like it more.”  And last but not least.  He showed us (but wouldnt let us enter) a room where “they go to the underworld”  Super creepy room.  We got out of there pretty fast. The same day a drunk old guy grabbed me and kissed my neck. HAHAHA WHAT IS THIS CRAZY ISLAND I AM LIVING ON! ????

Despite all the craziness, I love this place. I love this work and I love this Gospel.  I have never felt so close to my Savior and felt so much guidance in my life.  I couldn’t do this work without it.  I am so grateful for this Gospel.  I am SO grateful I decided to go on a mission.  It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s the best thing in the world. 

Love you all. 

Sister Kimball 🙂 

img_0088Veronica on her baptism day 🙂

img_0116Being led by the drunk guy…

img_0064THE BUSH

img_0056The steel pan guy I talked about last week!

IMG_0051.JPGSister Ortiz on our exchange… the rain won’t stop us from contacting. 👊


John…our Rasta investigator


Role playing…contacting at district meeting hahaha  I love being a missionary!


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