Week 26 ~ Baptisms, Transfers & Conference

This week was amazing! 

First off… VERONICA WAS BAPTIZED 🙂  It was honestly super stressful because she had to up and leave and go to Tobago all week and was coming back late Friday night and she had no phone so we had no contact with her all week:/  We were just praying she would show up Saturday morning.  And of course, she did.  I shouldn’t have even been nervous.  It’s Veronica!  She is amazing and she was so prepared for the Gospel.  I will never forget the day we met her.  Sister Palmer and I had been focusing on one neighborhood for contacting.  We had every appointment fall through during the HOTTEST part of the day, but we decided to go contacting anyway.  She was the VERY LAST HOUSE we contacted in that neighborhood.  We met her and set up a time to come back the next day.  Our first lesson was seriously so spiritual and we just knew that she was prepared for the Gospel. And now she is the newest member of the Curepe Branch 🙂   I love her so much and I love this work because I have been able to watch her change as she has learned about the restored gospel. She is so happy.  (I’ll send pics next week of the baptism.  I can’t today because I am in the office and we aren’t allowed to put our cards into the computer to prevent viruses.)

CONFERENCE PEOPLE.  WOW.  I love conference.  I feel bad that all growing up I took advantage of it and never really appreciated it.  Honestly…. I just felt like it was “pajamas and mom cooks good food” Sunday haha.  But wow, how lucky are we to hear from apostles and the prophet!  I really loved Elder Uchtdorf’s talk about not taking the Gospel for granted.  I know I sure did growing up.  But now as a missionary I get to see on a daily basis how it blesses people’s lives and how they appreciate it so much because they have lived without it.  DONT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.  We watched conference at the church and it DOWN POURED so we had to blast the speakers in order to hear the talks haha it was great!  Oh and we had an investigator named Naresh show up which was a surprise!  We met him a couple weeks ago… he sells coconuts so that’s how we met him haha.  He talks SO FAST.  I can hardly understand what he says.  But I do know that he had a dream a few years ago about meeting two white girls and joining the “Utah church”…… wow.  The Church is true people. 

This week I got to go on an exchange with Sister Ortiz who is my Guatemalan homie. Honestly, I love her so much!  She is in a Spanish area so I got to go to Spanish lesson! She taught me how to say my testimony in Spanish right before the lesson so I got to say something haha!  I also could say “What’s up pumpkin head” in spanish because we all know how often dad said that to us growing up!  hahah Thanks Padre 🙂  During the exchange we went to a lesson that was held at a pan yard…. Trinidad is home of the steel pan which is really cool drum thing.  Look it up.  We got to see a whole group perform!  It was so cool.  I love this island! 

Love you fam!  I think of every single one of you every day.  Have a good week!



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