Week 25 ~ Wow! This week was incredible!

Hey everyone! 

Honestly…I don’t even know where to start. 

I guess one of the many things that made it amazing is….  WE HARDLY GOT CANCELED ON THIS WEEK.  Anyone who is on a mission or has been on a mission knows how much of a blessing that is… and how rare that is!  We got to see and meet so many cool people.  One day we got a call from a man named Ramlal.  He just said he wanted to meet and gave us a time and directions to his house.  We had no clue who he was, but we just went.  Turns how he is actually a less active member.  I have no idea how I had never heard of him before.  He is awesome!  He has been out of church for a few months, but really desires to come back.  And he did come yesterday!  He has a drinking problem so he even said he wasn’t going to partake of the sacrament until he has fully gone through the repentance process and can take it worthily.  He just gets it.  And he LOVES the missionaries.  He even  invited us to his neighbors “Thanksgiving prayer party”.  We thought it was going to be a weird Hindu thing because he is full indian. But it was actually a Christian thing. It was really cool to go to!  It was just a lot of singing and “PRAISE THE LORD” type of stuff.  And then the preacher pointed us out and said, “We all need to spread the word of Jesus like these two lovely ladies” hahaha Oh man, I love Trinidad!  I love how you can walk down the street and meet and Muslim, Hindu, Adventist, Roman Catholic, or a Rasta. Even though there are so many cultural and religious differences between everyone here… everyone is so loving and accepting. 

We also had success with another less active named Brother Ponchu.  He is just like Ramlal… just a tad bit crazy, haha.  He is full Indian and also has a drinking problem.  But he wants to change so we are doing the 12 week addiction recovery program with him. Even though he is slightly creepy and wants us to come over every day and eat indian food with him, he is still such a gem and is making a lot of progress. He came to church this week also… his first time in months! Oh and side note… his drinking problem started at 6 years old. His parents gave him shots to kill the worms…. sad. 

On Saturday night, all us North Sisters got to watch the Women’s session of Conference!    I feel like it was just yesterday that I was watching it in the MTC… crazy!  I am already at 6 months.  We got to watch it at a senior couples house so it was a blast!  Plus we had air conditioning so that was heavenly. 

Today for P-day our zone went to this little historical place called Fort George. I will send pics.  It was breath taking. 

I am out of time.  The Church is true! 

Sister Kimball

I need a new tag.


Chaco Sistaz!


Sister Ortiz.  She is my Guatemalan homie!  hahaha  Her English is so cute, “Sister Kimball…take a hair picture with me?”
Our P-Day excursion to Fort George ↑ ↓ 
Da Zone ↑ ↓img_0293
My companion, Sister Masciantoni
Watching Women’s Conference in air conditioning…aaawwww!


My First coconut!  One of our investigators sales them so we got the hook ups:)

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