Week 24 ~ No Time, Lots of Pics


I don’t have much time today at all so this will be short. 

Last month on Andi Girl’s birthday I felt left out because I am not there to make a birthday poster! (I know what you are all thinking… I’m becoming like Jacki. #FOMO)  But then this week on Mom and Dad’s anniversary and Kash Man’s birthday… I decided to make some anyways. Lol, I will send you pictures of them 🙂  Now I am going to make them in advance and send them home so you best hang them up for me.  I can’t believe Kash is 4!!! He is getting so big 😦 and mom and dad… you two are getting old! haha just kidding 🙂  You don’t look a day over 30.  I hope you all had a fun week with all the Kimball celebrations! 

Today we had sports day with all the missionaries on Trinidad and Tobago.  My zone won the volleyball tournament!😎 haha it was so fun!  It was so funny… so many trini’s stopped and took videos of “the ‘whiteys’ playing volleyball”.  Also I got to see Sister TUI! Aw man I love that girl.  We are going to convince President to let us be companions at some point haha! 

This week was challenging.  We had a lot of people cancel on us.  But nonetheless, we saw miracles as usual 🙂  We taught Veronica the Word of Wisdom this week and she said, “Well, I guess I had my last cup of coffee this morning”…. literally she is the most golden investigator I will probably ever have.  I love her so much! 

Probably my favorite experience of the week was yesterday when we took Antonia and Trevon “on a mission with us” and our invetigators cancelled so we ended up teaching them in the car. We jut read the BoM with them and spirit was SO STRONG.  I honestly love the BoM.  And I love Trinidad.  Mostly I just love being a missionary 🙂  So crazy that I only have about a year left… Wow time is flying. 

Sorry this is so short this week! This p-day is super busy. Love you all!

Sister Kimball

Kimball celebration posters!  Happy Birthday Kash Man!  Happy Anniversary Ma & Pops!
Car lesson with my nuggets 🙂 Antonia & Trevon


Quick trip to London, lol jk, the mall
I could put her in my suitcase!
The Zone, aka…Volleyball Champs!
Trinidad & Tobago Missionaries!

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