Week 25 ~ Wow! This week was incredible!

Hey everyone! 

Honestly…I don’t even know where to start. 

I guess one of the many things that made it amazing is….  WE HARDLY GOT CANCELED ON THIS WEEK.  Anyone who is on a mission or has been on a mission knows how much of a blessing that is… and how rare that is!  We got to see and meet so many cool people.  One day we got a call from a man named Ramlal.  He just said he wanted to meet and gave us a time and directions to his house.  We had no clue who he was, but we just went.  Turns how he is actually a less active member.  I have no idea how I had never heard of him before.  He is awesome!  He has been out of church for a few months, but really desires to come back.  And he did come yesterday!  He has a drinking problem so he even said he wasn’t going to partake of the sacrament until he has fully gone through the repentance process and can take it worthily.  He just gets it.  And he LOVES the missionaries.  He even  invited us to his neighbors “Thanksgiving prayer party”.  We thought it was going to be a weird Hindu thing because he is full indian. But it was actually a Christian thing. It was really cool to go to!  It was just a lot of singing and “PRAISE THE LORD” type of stuff.  And then the preacher pointed us out and said, “We all need to spread the word of Jesus like these two lovely ladies” hahaha Oh man, I love Trinidad!  I love how you can walk down the street and meet and Muslim, Hindu, Adventist, Roman Catholic, or a Rasta. Even though there are so many cultural and religious differences between everyone here… everyone is so loving and accepting. 

We also had success with another less active named Brother Ponchu.  He is just like Ramlal… just a tad bit crazy, haha.  He is full Indian and also has a drinking problem.  But he wants to change so we are doing the 12 week addiction recovery program with him. Even though he is slightly creepy and wants us to come over every day and eat indian food with him, he is still such a gem and is making a lot of progress. He came to church this week also… his first time in months! Oh and side note… his drinking problem started at 6 years old. His parents gave him shots to kill the worms…. sad. 

On Saturday night, all us North Sisters got to watch the Women’s session of Conference!    I feel like it was just yesterday that I was watching it in the MTC… crazy!  I am already at 6 months.  We got to watch it at a senior couples house so it was a blast!  Plus we had air conditioning so that was heavenly. 

Today for P-day our zone went to this little historical place called Fort George. I will send pics.  It was breath taking. 

I am out of time.  The Church is true! 

Sister Kimball

I need a new tag.


Chaco Sistaz!


Sister Ortiz.  She is my Guatemalan homie!  hahaha  Her English is so cute, “Sister Kimball…take a hair picture with me?”
Our P-Day excursion to Fort George ↑ ↓ 
Da Zone ↑ ↓img_0293
My companion, Sister Masciantoni
Watching Women’s Conference in air conditioning…aaawwww!


My First coconut!  One of our investigators sales them so we got the hook ups:)

Week 24 ~ No Time, Lots of Pics


I don’t have much time today at all so this will be short. 

Last month on Andi Girl’s birthday I felt left out because I am not there to make a birthday poster! (I know what you are all thinking… I’m becoming like Jacki. #FOMO)  But then this week on Mom and Dad’s anniversary and Kash Man’s birthday… I decided to make some anyways. Lol, I will send you pictures of them 🙂  Now I am going to make them in advance and send them home so you best hang them up for me.  I can’t believe Kash is 4!!! He is getting so big 😦 and mom and dad… you two are getting old! haha just kidding 🙂  You don’t look a day over 30.  I hope you all had a fun week with all the Kimball celebrations! 

Today we had sports day with all the missionaries on Trinidad and Tobago.  My zone won the volleyball tournament!😎 haha it was so fun!  It was so funny… so many trini’s stopped and took videos of “the ‘whiteys’ playing volleyball”.  Also I got to see Sister TUI! Aw man I love that girl.  We are going to convince President to let us be companions at some point haha! 

This week was challenging.  We had a lot of people cancel on us.  But nonetheless, we saw miracles as usual 🙂  We taught Veronica the Word of Wisdom this week and she said, “Well, I guess I had my last cup of coffee this morning”…. literally she is the most golden investigator I will probably ever have.  I love her so much! 

Probably my favorite experience of the week was yesterday when we took Antonia and Trevon “on a mission with us” and our invetigators cancelled so we ended up teaching them in the car. We jut read the BoM with them and spirit was SO STRONG.  I honestly love the BoM.  And I love Trinidad.  Mostly I just love being a missionary 🙂  So crazy that I only have about a year left… Wow time is flying. 

Sorry this is so short this week! This p-day is super busy. Love you all!

Sister Kimball

Kimball celebration posters!  Happy Birthday Kash Man!  Happy Anniversary Ma & Pops!
Car lesson with my nuggets 🙂 Antonia & Trevon


Quick trip to London, lol jk, the mall
I could put her in my suitcase!
The Zone, aka…Volleyball Champs!
Trinidad & Tobago Missionaries!

Week 23 ~ I’m SO Tired….So Why Am I So HAPPY?!

Hello Fellow Humans!

This week was an interesting one.  But first things first… WOW GOD PROVIDES.  Honestly, when Sister Palmer left I still had no idea how to get around the area.  Now, I feel like I know the area like the back of my hand and can always find my way to our appointments. That’s only because God is guiding me. Because those that know me well enough, know that I am AWFUL with directionS.  Back home I could barely find Walmart without Siri.

Me and my companion, Sister Masciantoni are slowly, but surely becoming more unified as a companionship.  I don’t think we could be more opposite and she is SUPER quiet.  But none the less, we are getting the work done and learning lots from each other.  This week I have really learned the importance of patience and also to completely put myself and my wants aside.  At the beginning of this week I was letting myself get really stressed and frustrated.  Then a good ol’ EFY song came on called “It’s Not About You” hahaha I got the point and stopped being focus inward and started focusing outward.  And then the miracles of this week hit!

First miracle: The other day we were out contacting in the hot Trini sun for about 2 hours. Right when we were walking back to the car I saw this rough looking 20 year old guy leaning against a truck. I felt prompted to talk to him so I crossed the street and Siser Masciantoni looked at me like “what are you doing??” hahaha.  But we went and tried to talk to him. The truck he was leaning against was running and SUPER loud.  I asked him his name and I felt like I was talking to the Chinese girl on Pitch Perfect.  I could not hear a word he was saying because he was whispering.  So I just awkwardly wrote our number on the pamphlet, handed it to him, yelled over the truck “HAVE A GOOD DAY” and walked away. The next day we got a text from him saying he read the book and was asking so many awesome questions and says that he is really interested in learning more.  WHAT!!!  We are meeting him this week and I am stoked.

Veronica is the cat’s pajamas.  She is honestly so golden.  She is retired so we get to see her like 3 times a week!  She already has a rock solid testimony and can’t wait to get baptized. It’s so cool to look back to a few weeks ago because Sister Palmer and I felt really drawn to her neighborhood. So we contacted the whole thing! And on the last day, we found Veronica.  SHE IS SO PREPARED FOR THE GOSPEL AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH.  (also she makes us Indian food all the time and lets me help her garden so we have a good time.)

That’s all for the week folks. God lives. The Blue Book is true. Go do some service.

Love you all:)

Week 22 ~ Easting Fresh Coconut & Jungle Downpours!

Wow.  This week was craziness!  This week I got my new companion, Sister Masciantoni… She is super quiet, but a super good missionary!  I only had her for about a day when President Egbert asked us to do an exchange for 3 days so that I could teach a Sister that just came in from the Islands how to drive here…. and I had only been driving for 2 days! hahaha But she has now learned how to drive here in crazy Trinidad and we both survived the 3 days. God provides. 

This week was probably the most stressful week of my mission thus far, but the most rewarding! Gerald’s baptism was on Saturday!  After the stress of organizing the whole thing, it was so great:)  I am so happy for him and his cute little family.  Right after the baptism all of the missionaries in our zone met for a service project for Antonia and Trevon.  We were going to the property where they are going to build a board house to wacker it down and cut back trees and such.  I love Trevon so much, but wow, HE WAS SO FRUSTRATING TO WORK WITH.  hahaha Literally I was on the phone with him at least 5 times a day for the whole week leading up to this.  And then when we got there he forgot all the tools except the wacker.  So we had one weed wacker and 8 missionaries…. so we went around to the neighbors and since Trini’s are literally the kindest people ever, we got some machetes, rakes, and shovels!  And then we got to work!  It was honestly so much fun!  It down poured on us which made it even better. hahaha.  Then some Trinis came over to us, climbed a tree, got some coconuts and cut them open for us to drink and eat them.  Delicious.  Oh and then I caught a snake.

Last weekend we contacted into a lady named Veronica.  We yelled into her gate and as usual she came out with the look on her face like “What are these whiteys doing at my house?”  But she let us share a scripture with her and then she just paused and said “I’ve really been looking for a way to grow closer to Christ… can you come tomorrow?”  So the next day we went and did a ‘How to begin teaching’ which is basically getting to know the person and there religious background and then we teach about God. WOW it was the most spiritual ‘How to begin teaching’ I have ever had!  She told us that her husband passed away just a few months ago from a car accident and since then she really wants to know what happens after this life.  THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG.  And then she came to church THE NEXT DAY.  It’s so hard to get people to church, but she came as fast as she could and even came 40 minutes early!  And it’s a 45 minutes travel from her house!  We had a lesson with her last night and she accepted a baptismal date for October 1st. She is so prepared.  I didn’t know it was possible to love someone so much but wow, I barely know her and I care about her so much.  Missionary work is amazing.  Oh also she invited us over this week for indian food…… blessings from on high, my friends. 

This week was probably the most challenging of my mission so far.  Homesickness hit for the first time and it was an extremely stressful week. But honestly, I would never give up having the opportunity to be a missionary.  Serving a mission is the best decision I have ever made. Mission life if FULL of challenges, but that’s why missions are so amazing.  I am finally figuring out who God wants me to be and my testimony has strengthened more than I thought possible.  The quote that goes something along the lines of “This church must be true, otherwise the missionaries would have destroyed it long ago” is so true. Literally everyday I feel like I have no idea what I am doing, hahaha but God always carries me through and keeps the work going. This Gospel is true! 

Love you all! 

Sister Kimball 

The Perkins Family :,)
My home girl, Antonia
Service Squade
Eating some coconut straight from a tree…My piece kinda looked like Trinidad. I love my life.


Cute lady who let us borrow the rakes for the service project. See, I told you. Trinis are the happiest people I know!
This is literally a 2-way road…WHAT THE…