Week 21 ~ Transfer Chaos & Miracles Galore!

Wow, talk about a CRAZY week! We had transfer calls and guess what… Sister Palmer is leaving me 😦  Her work permit expired so she is being shipped out to Curacous. I am seriously so sad because wow, she is an amazing missionary and we get along so well. Seriously, everyday we laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. She is a gem. I think she will be coming back to Trinidad soon though 🙂 SO since Sister Palmer is leaving I am now leading out my area and I am super nervous about it. My area covers 9 cities and I still get lost trying to find my apartment… pray for me! I got my license ( which took days of waking up at 5:30 to drive to the license place and wait for 3 hours… ) so I have been driving the last couple days…. ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. The roads are so small and driving on the left side is super different. My knuckles are white every time I am driving hahaha. But I can do hard things! My companion is a sister named Sister Masciantoni. She is a transfer younger than me and also visa waited in the states. I will meet her in a couple days!
We saw so many miracles this week! Wow. So I wrote a couple weeks back about a guy named Gerald that is married to a member and has been investigating for 2 years now. Well, he was having in interview last night and all week Sister Palmer and I were nervous about it. Well Sunday morning at church, his wife walks up to me and hands us a baptismal invitation and smiles and said “He is going through with it this time!” I have never seen her so happy. Later that night we met at there house with the elders for the baptismal interview and after his interview our district leader says “I’ve never interviewed someone so prepared.” Ah! I am so happy for him and his little family 🙂
Yesterday we saw Rishma…I love her so much! She really is so prepared. She has a problem with drinking and really wants to stop so we brought a recent convert named Trevon who use to be addicted to alcohol and they connected so well. We had a discussion about how the atonement of Jesus Christ truly gives us the strength to do anything… especially to break an addiction. The spirit was SO strong. We then poured out all of Rishma’s alcohol haha 🙂
That’s all for this week! Please pray that I can remember to drive on the left side of the road so I don’t die.


Sister Kimberly (<— Kimball is a weird name to Trini’s so literally I always get called Sister Kimberly hahaha )

DSC02038Sister Palmer, Rishma and me:)

DSC01970One of our investigator’s littles

DSC02020I’ll miss Sister Palmer so much:(


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