Week 20 ~ I Ate A Chicken Bone!

HI HI!!! (<– that’s how Trinis say “hello”)

This week was….. CRAZY. I have been in the process of getting my Trini license and here… it literally takes a whole week of driving to Port of Spain every day…. and also we had an exchange that involved the whole island! So I was able to go down to the very  south end of the island which is cool because I am at the very north end…. it only took 1.5 hours to get there… with Trini traffic. Wow. I then realized that I am living on a TINY island. But down south is so different from up north! It’s a lot more calm and nice. And WOW I got to spend the night at the nicest sister’s apartment in the mission… I felt like I was in America. It had a stove that that I didn’t have to light with a match!!! And a shower that I could control the temperature on…. what luxuries. 

My favorite experience of this week was with Rishma. This week we were able to go over the restoration and introduce the Book of Mormon. We started the lesson by asking her what she remembered about the restoration and she literally taught us the restoration,… she understood everything perfectly. And then when we introduced the BoM and how it works with the Bible… she just kept saying… “that makes so much sense.”  And then at the end of the lesson Sister Palmer was testifying that we are true representatives of Jesus Christ and that it wasn’t by coincidence that we met her and then Rishma said “I really think you are. The day you came to my gate I had been sick and throwing up all day. I wasn’t going to come out, but when I looked out the window I felt I needed to talk to you. And every time you are in my home it feel’s different. I can’t explain it.  It’s just a lighter and peaceful feeling.” ………..WOW!  She is so prepared for the Gospel. I guess last transfer Sister Palmer and Sister Paul (I took her place) always felt prompted to contact Rishma’s street, but never did. I am so grateful to have met Rishma. She is amazing and just the sweetest :,) 

This week I ate a straight up chicken bone….. it actually wasn’t bad. Just crunchy and I’m sure it’s full of nutritional value (or foodborne illness…one of the two) And also, I totally ate it while running down a street. It was quite hilarious.   HAHAHA by ate it I meant I tripped while running down a street… not that I was eating the chicken bone while running.

Also, no pictures this week because the computer I am using isn’t working, but next week I will send some 🙂

Have a good week everyone! 

Love you all! Go serve. 


Sister Kimball  


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