Week 17 ~ Trini To Da Bone

Hey everyone! 

WOW! I love this place so so so much. The people are amazing. This week we found some of the coolest investigators. I’ll tell you all about Anne Marie and Maurice. Our ward mission leader introduced us to Anne Marie, who is his niece. Her mom passed away a year ago and she wants to know how she can live with her again. She is Hindu so we met with her and taught her who God is and that there is only one God. And through His Son Jesus Christ she can live with her mom again. WOW. The spirit was so strong. And then at the end of the lesson she said, “I’m all in”.  Talk about prepared. 

A sister in the ward introduced us to one of her best friends named Maurice. Maurice is a HUGE guy with dreads down to his butt and he has a heart of GOLD. He is seriously the sweetest and most Christlike human! We have only met with him once but he is so ready for the Gospel. 

We have a girl named Alyssa on date for baptism on August 13th. She just had a baby literally 5 days ago (or as Trinis say… she just made a baby) and she STILL came to church this week! Talk about dedicated! So in Trinidad apparently car seats aren’t a thing here, but me and Sister Palmer were having a heart attack thinking about her just holding the baby in her lap on the way to church so we tried EVERYTHING in our power to find a car seat, but NOONE had one. But no worries, the baby is safe and well. hahahha. But anyways, Alyssa is so great. She has three cute kids and is so ready to make a change in her life. She studies the BOM every day and takes notes on it and everything. Wow. 

It is so dang hot and humid here…. I feel nasty all the time, hahaha. I may not be getting use to the weather, but I am getting use to the accent!  It’s crazy how fast I have picked up Trini lingo. I think I was Trini in the preexistence. 😂  Anyways, I seriously love it here. I love the people (even though sometimes I feel like I am living in the Hunger Games). I love this place and this work and I never want to come home. 

Sister Kimball

IMG_0259People walk around on the free way and sale fruit…. what the?… 

IMG_0262Beautiful Trinidad 

IMG_0275Alyssa’s cute kiddos 

IMG_0279These are Trini avocados. They call them zabocca here and they are as big as my head.  


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