Week 16 ~ Hello! From Trinidad!!

I love this place so much. Although I don’t think I’ll ever be dry again… hahah  Its so hot and humid here. I feel so sticky all the time. Also, I thought being stared at in Colorado was bad, but try being in the Caribbean as a blue-eyed, blonde haired white girl…. I’ve had a couple creepy guys ask “You want husband, white girl?” hahahah  I didnt understand them so I just smiled at them and my companion put her arm around me and guided me away hahaha. 

The people here are incredibly humble and everyone loves and believes in God. We don’t even have to track here, we just walk down the street and approach anyone we see (there are always people crowded on the streets in town) and they love to talk to us about God. It’s amazing. There are so many people here prepared for the Gospel. Church here is very different…. we had cookies for the sacrament hahaha. 

I seriously never want to come home. Being a missionary for Jesus Christ plus serving in the best place on earth… could life get any better??

Well everyone, I have no email time, sorry! (I don’t have an ipad anymore and have to go to an internet cafe with sometimes, sketchy service)  I wish I could write more about this amazing place…. But I have time to write letters through out the week and I would LOVE to GET letters the old fashioned way;) so send me your address!

My address right now for a letter is:

Sister McKae Kimball

1 Morequito  P.O. Bag 543

Valpark Valsayn

Trinidad, West Indies

As Trini’s say….. GOOD DAY GOOD DAY GOOD DAY!!

Sister Kimball 

2016-07-13 10.36.28My mission president and his wife, Pres. & Sister Egbert.  They are so amazing! And I was so happy to meet up with my MTC companion, Sister Tue!  Since I thought I was traveling to Trinidad alone, you can imagine how relieved I was to see her in the Houston airport!!IMG_0141The Trinidad Mission Home.  We’ve stopped by a couple times for FREE mangos from their Mango trees:)

IMG_0131Of course we changed into our Chacos right when we got to the airport, haha!

IMG_0134Us and the Sister Training Leaders.  We stayed with them our first night.  Sister Palmer, on the right, is my companion!  I love her, she is an AMAZING missionary.

IMG_0165The Bush area of my area.  I am serving in El Dorado.  There are very rich areas and areas call The Bush which are just board houses.  Super, super poor areas.

IMG_0154My next mission is to come back here and save all the stray dogs:/

IMG_0177Sister Palmer and Sister Kimball Ü

IMG_0174So. Much. Fruit!!! I’m in heaven!

IMG_0173This is what Trinidad is known for…Doubles!  It’s a delicious grease ball! Thank goodness for the fruit! ⇑⇑ Ü

IMG_0249One of the nicer areas of Trinidad

IMG_0255I don’t think my feet will ever be clean again.

IMG_0251My laundry room Ü

IMG_0254I love missionary work AND Sister Palmer!


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