Week 17 ~ Trini To Da Bone

Hey everyone! 

WOW! I love this place so so so much. The people are amazing. This week we found some of the coolest investigators. I’ll tell you all about Anne Marie and Maurice. Our ward mission leader introduced us to Anne Marie, who is his niece. Her mom passed away a year ago and she wants to know how she can live with her again. She is Hindu so we met with her and taught her who God is and that there is only one God. And through His Son Jesus Christ she can live with her mom again. WOW. The spirit was so strong. And then at the end of the lesson she said, “I’m all in”.  Talk about prepared. 

A sister in the ward introduced us to one of her best friends named Maurice. Maurice is a HUGE guy with dreads down to his butt and he has a heart of GOLD. He is seriously the sweetest and most Christlike human! We have only met with him once but he is so ready for the Gospel. 

We have a girl named Alyssa on date for baptism on August 13th. She just had a baby literally 5 days ago (or as Trinis say… she just made a baby) and she STILL came to church this week! Talk about dedicated! So in Trinidad apparently car seats aren’t a thing here, but me and Sister Palmer were having a heart attack thinking about her just holding the baby in her lap on the way to church so we tried EVERYTHING in our power to find a car seat, but NOONE had one. But no worries, the baby is safe and well. hahahha. But anyways, Alyssa is so great. She has three cute kids and is so ready to make a change in her life. She studies the BOM every day and takes notes on it and everything. Wow. 

It is so dang hot and humid here…. I feel nasty all the time, hahaha. I may not be getting use to the weather, but I am getting use to the accent!  It’s crazy how fast I have picked up Trini lingo. I think I was Trini in the preexistence. 😂  Anyways, I seriously love it here. I love the people (even though sometimes I feel like I am living in the Hunger Games). I love this place and this work and I never want to come home. 

Sister Kimball

IMG_0259People walk around on the free way and sale fruit…. what the?… 

IMG_0262Beautiful Trinidad 

IMG_0275Alyssa’s cute kiddos 

IMG_0279These are Trini avocados. They call them zabocca here and they are as big as my head.  


More excitement in Week 16 ~ A Wedding AND A Baptism!!

Trevon and Antonia!

Trevon had a dream about the Tree of Life.  He was trying to reach the fruit, but he just couldn’t reach it and he knew he wanted it so badly….Then the missionaries found him and shared Lehi’s vision.  Dang! The Church is true.  They are SO cute!  I am so happy I was here to be a part of it all!  They are amazing! Trevon found Antonia at an orphanage home and took her in.  They live in a 10 x 10 room and are the happiest people I have ever met! Again, amazing!!

IMG_0244.JPGIMG_0195Helping the beautiful bride…Antonia!

IMG_0187.JPGThe handsome groom ~ Trevon

IMG_0176More wedding fun!

Week 16 ~ Hello! From Trinidad!!

I love this place so much. Although I don’t think I’ll ever be dry again… hahah  Its so hot and humid here. I feel so sticky all the time. Also, I thought being stared at in Colorado was bad, but try being in the Caribbean as a blue-eyed, blonde haired white girl…. I’ve had a couple creepy guys ask “You want husband, white girl?” hahahah  I didnt understand them so I just smiled at them and my companion put her arm around me and guided me away hahaha. 

The people here are incredibly humble and everyone loves and believes in God. We don’t even have to track here, we just walk down the street and approach anyone we see (there are always people crowded on the streets in town) and they love to talk to us about God. It’s amazing. There are so many people here prepared for the Gospel. Church here is very different…. we had cookies for the sacrament hahaha. 

I seriously never want to come home. Being a missionary for Jesus Christ plus serving in the best place on earth… could life get any better??

Well everyone, I have no email time, sorry! (I don’t have an ipad anymore and have to go to an internet cafe with sometimes, sketchy service)  I wish I could write more about this amazing place…. But I have time to write letters through out the week and I would LOVE to GET letters the old fashioned way;) so send me your address!

My address right now for a letter is:

Sister McKae Kimball

1 Morequito  P.O. Bag 543

Valpark Valsayn

Trinidad, West Indies

As Trini’s say….. GOOD DAY GOOD DAY GOOD DAY!!

Sister Kimball 

2016-07-13 10.36.28My mission president and his wife, Pres. & Sister Egbert.  They are so amazing! And I was so happy to meet up with my MTC companion, Sister Tue!  Since I thought I was traveling to Trinidad alone, you can imagine how relieved I was to see her in the Houston airport!!IMG_0141The Trinidad Mission Home.  We’ve stopped by a couple times for FREE mangos from their Mango trees:)

IMG_0131Of course we changed into our Chacos right when we got to the airport, haha!

IMG_0134Us and the Sister Training Leaders.  We stayed with them our first night.  Sister Palmer, on the right, is my companion!  I love her, she is an AMAZING missionary.

IMG_0165The Bush area of my area.  I am serving in El Dorado.  There are very rich areas and areas call The Bush which are just board houses.  Super, super poor areas.

IMG_0154My next mission is to come back here and save all the stray dogs:/

IMG_0177Sister Palmer and Sister Kimball Ü

IMG_0174So. Much. Fruit!!! I’m in heaven!

IMG_0173This is what Trinidad is known for…Doubles!  It’s a delicious grease ball! Thank goodness for the fruit! ⇑⇑ Ü

IMG_0249One of the nicer areas of Trinidad

IMG_0255I don’t think my feet will ever be clean again.

IMG_0251My laundry room Ü

IMG_0254I love missionary work AND Sister Palmer!

Week 15 ~ viva la VISA!

Yep, you read that subject line right…. I GOT MY VISA!!!! And as a result, the last couple days have been chaos! Friday night we were getting transfer emails so we sprinted inside once we got home and refreshed our emails and an email from Trinidad Port of Spain Mission popped up that said “Work Permit” in the subject line. I just sat and stared at my screen for a solid 30 seconds haha! I was pretty confused because I was told that I would be called by my mission president when I got me visa so I called president… between him being brand new (as of last week:) and not having received an email about me getting my visa, we were both pretty lost! My visa was granted late Friday night so the travel office had closed for the weekend so I don’t even have flight plan, so I have no clue what day I’m leaving, but I know it will be sometime this week…. Good thing I have a “go with the flow” personality because I have no idea what’s happening with my life right now 😂

         I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had to visa wait in Berthoud Colorado. Today me and Sister Robinson drove around so that I could say goodbye to the people I have grown closest to during my time here.  Needless to say, it’s been a very emotional day. I remember my dad always saying “It’s ten times harder to say goodbye and leave the people of your mission than it is leaving home.” And now I completely understand. It’s incredible how much my capacity to love has grown since being a missionary. There are no words to explain how much I love the people here. I’ve been able to have a small glimpse of how our Father in Heaven and Savior must feel about us and it’s the most incredible feeling I’ve ever felt. One of the things that I have gained a solid testimony of during my time here is that He knows us. He hears us. And He will never forsake us. He knows what’s best, and if we trust in Him and let Him, He will bless us with nothing but the best. Because He LOVES us. Sometimes we don’t understand what He is doing when we are handed a trial or a curve ball in life, but we need to always remember that we aren’t the ones that can see the whole picture. He is. Trust Him, because even though you may not get what you WANT, He gives us what we NEED… And so much more. I have no doubt that my Father in Heaven is there, He is real, and that He loves me. And because of this knowledge, I’ve never been happier in my entire life.

             I don’t have much time to write because I have to pack and try to figure out when I’m leaving but just know that this week has been an amazing week for Berthoud! We’ve seen many miracles. I couldn’t have asked for a better week to end on. This little tiny town will forever hold a special place in my heart!

           Thank you all for all the support and prayers you send my way! Love you all! 

 “No matter how serious the trial, how deep the distress, how great the affliction, God will never desert us. He never has, and He never will. He cannot do it. It is not His character to do so … He will always stand by us. We may pass through the fiery furnace; we may pass through deep waters; but we shall not be consumed nor overwhelmed. We shall emerge from all these trials and difficulties the better and purer from them.”

– George Q. Cannon. 

Sister Kimball

The MorgansA blurry selfie with some of my Favorites!…The Morgans

Sister HatchSister Hatch. One of the hardest goodbyes, she’s such a gem. (Yes, that is indeed a camo couch)

%22Sister Hug%22This is what Brother Huff calls a “sister hug” hahaha. I was so blessed to live with them! Best. People. Ever.

London Hawkins, DQOur teenage, crazy friend, London HawkinsCool Cafe in COOld aesthetically pleasing cafe in Berthoud

English CompanionEnglish companion 😭👯

Week 13 & 14 ~ Red, White & Baptism

Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn’t write last week! I zonked out for the first couple
hours of pday and then our pday got cut short so I didn’t have time to
write a group email. The last couple weeks have been amazing so I’ll
give you the highlights.

Two Sundays ago we had stake conference which was INCREDIBLE. We had 4
investigators there which was so great! It was Vanessa and the Smith
Elder K. David Scott of the seventy was presiding. He is one of the
most down to earth, hilarious and spiritual men I have ever met! The
whole meeting was focused on the temple open house. One thing that I
loved that he said was “There should be two kinds of people in this
church, someone who holds a temple recommend and someone who is
working towards one. Both are equally amazing.” At the adult session
in Saturday night he had microphones passed around the congregation so
that the whole congregation was involved, it was amazing. This stake
is incredible! Then during the Sunday session, the stake president
asked a recent convert named Jeff Shisler to share his conversion
story. Jeff had been an active member of many churches but never felt
like he had found a church that helped him come closer to his Savior
Jesus Christ and Father in heaven. So he had been praying for a very
long time to know what church was God’s church. One morning he woke up
and turns to his wife and says “I think we need to go to the church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” he said that he thought she would
say “are you insane?!” Because in all their past churches they had
been taught that the church was a cult, but instead she looked at him
and said, “You’re right”. So that day they spent hours on lds.org and
then read the book or Mormon within a couple weeks. They then found
the church building near them and went to sacrament. They said it felt
like coming home. So they met with the missionaries and were baptized
the next week. As he bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the
gospel, the spirit was basically tangible. I had heard this story
prior to stake conference because their missionaries are my district
leaders but hearing him tell the story gave me goosebumps. The church
is so real.

Stake conference was one of president Brown’s last days in the
mission. He was asked to speak and as always, he gave an amazing
talk. At the beginning of the talk he said “if I start crying, just
know that’s it’s because I looked at one of my missionaries in the
congregation”. Which made all of us missionaries tear up. We are going
to miss him so much, he is an amazing man. But we were able to meet
our new president, President McMurray this week and he is going to be
a great president! He is pretty young, him and his wife have three
kids at home. We were also able to meet the kids this week. They are
such a cute family! They moved here from Virginia. They are going to
do a,axing things for this mission!

Bingo was really interesting this week so let me share a few hilarious
stories 😂 We had a new comer at bingo named Wayne, sister Robinson
sat by him during bingo and he is completely infatuated with sister
Robinson 😂 By infatuated I mean he kept saying VERY inappropriate
things to her and so in the middle of bingo she comes over to me and
is laughing/crying and can barely get the words “save me sister
kimball” out hahahah. THEN about five minutes later another new comer
came in. She didn’t wanna play, she just wanted to sit by the wall and
watch so we got her situated and went on with bingo. 30 seconds later
we look over and she has her shirt off hahahaha so a worker came in
and got her dressed, but 5 minutes later she was shirtless again.
Hahahah that was the weirdest hour of my life. I DONT WANT TO GET OLD
😂 also, people told me I’d be exposed to things on my mission but I
didn’t really think it was going to be old naked people. 😂

Highlight of the week…. Vanessa was baptized this morning!! We had a
4th of July breakfast and then had her baptism right after so there
was a lot of the ward support there which was so awesome.
Unfortunately, her brothers didn’t come. But her and her dad seemed so
incredibly happy. The change we have seen in the both of them as they
have come unto their Savior has been so amazing. I love them so much
so it makes me so happy to see them so happy. Vanessa is going to
girls camp tomorrow and then getting the Holy Ghost on Sunday. Talk
about a spirit packed week! We are so excited for her 🙂

That’s all I have for this week! Hope you all have a great week. Share
the gospel because it’s da REALEST.

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