Week 12 ~ Happy Dad’s Day

Hi everyone!

So first and foremost… HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my amazing Dad and all
other father figures in my life! I have been so blessed with the best
dad I could ever ask for. I love you pops! 😊 Oh and btw, me and
Sister Robinson are going to petition that missionaries can call their
dads on Father’s Day because it’s just unjust that we can’t!  haha.

So to go with the topic of Fathers … We had THE COOLEST experience
with the priesthood this week. There is this lady named Linda, she
lives in the Berthoud Living Center. She has wanted to join the church
for quite sometime now and she has such a strong testimony, but she
can’t stop smoking :/ We try to see her every week, but haven’t been
able to lately because she has a lot of health issues and is in a lot
of pain. Well, on Thursday we went to see her and when we walked in the
room she could barely talk or open her eyes because she was in so much
pain. We asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing and she
said yes. So we stepped out to call Brother Hawkins (our ward mission
leader) to see if he could come give a blessing and find someone to come
with him. He was there with Brother Huff (the family we live with) in
less than 15 minutes. Now, we are around Bro. Hawkins and Bro. Huff all
the time, but when they stepped in the room to use their priesthood
power, the spirit just flooded into the room and hit me and sister
Robinson like a ton of bricks. I was covered with goosebumps as soon
as they walked in. They preformed the blessing and then left, once
they left Linda sat up and said “I felt a wave of warmth come over me
as soon as they put their hands on my head”. The fact that before she
got the blessing she could hardly move and afterwards she was sitting
up, laughing, and showing us pictures of her family, is pretty clear
evidence that THE PRIESTHOOD IS SO REAL. I am so blessed that I grew
up with a father that I knew I could always ask for a blessing if I
needed it. I remember my senior year of volleyball at our first
tournament of the season, I got so so sick on the first day. After I
tried my best to play all I could, I knew that if I was going to
finish the tournament I would need my dad to give me a blessing. He
took me to my grandmas house and gave me a blessing. I fell asleep before
he said amen, woke up 4 hours later and was 100% better and finished
the tournament the next day. I’ve had a lot of really amazing
experiences with the power of the priesthood in my life, but I have
not realized until recently how incredibly blessed I was to grow up in
a home with the priesthood and how amazing of a gift it is to all of us.

Earlier this week we had my first zone conference and the mission
president’s last! This meeting lasted 8 hours…. And was the most
AMAZING meeting I have ever experience! The spirit was basically
tangible. In the group there we had 17 missionaries that are going
home this transfer or next so Pres. Brown gave a 15 minutes lecture on
the importance of flirting when we go home! hahahah It was hilarious!
Not going to lie, when I first met President and Sister Brown I was
not exactly a fan… But now I love and admire them so much! We will
all miss them when they leave next month!

On Thursday night after we finished our dinner appointment, we saw
that Brother Butterfield called us and left us a message. Our
immediate thought was “dang it, we are getting cancelled on” because
as missionaries, if we get a call from the people we are about to meet
with… 99% of the time we are getting flaked on. But instead of
cancelling he was calling to tell us that we could no longer meet on
his mother’s property (they live in a trailer next to her house)
because the mom’s roommate “thinks that she is being spied on by
Mormons”… She has some paranoia issues …. Lol 😂 So he was calling
to figure out a different place we could meet!! So we met at the park.
Our plan was to go over the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invite Michael
and Vanessa to be baptized. They investigated the church about 6 years
ago. Kenny the middle child and the parents got baptized. But Michael
said no and Vanessa was too young to be baptized and when she became
of age she said no. But before we even got to it Vanessa says “so I
want to get baptized. When can that happen?” Me and sister Robinson
were speechless! We set her on date for the 4th of July 🙂 That should
be a pretty memorable day for her! It’s been so amazing helping this
family and seeing the change in them, especially Brother Butterfield.
They have had a very challenging year as a family so to see them start
to find joy and hope again has been the greatest thing to be apart
of…. Yeah, being a missionary is the best 🙂

This week was amazing. Prayers were answered, no doubt. Last week was
a rough week here in Berthoud for the the whole community, but it’s
been really amazing to see the community and the ward come together.
I love this little hick Colorado town so much :’)

That’s all for this week. Love you all!

💛Sister Kimball

Beautiful Berthoud
Beautiful Berthoud
Making a video
Making a video!
Could be Sisters #eyebrows
Maybe you can’t tell here, but I love my companion! #sisterRobinson
Bro. Hawkin's G'daughter #grumpy
Bro. Hawkins Grand Daughter…She was being grumpy:/

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