Week 11 ~ Emotionally Draining

Hey everyone! Sorry, but this email will probably be short again. We have lots to do today to get ready for a big zone conference tomorrow. 

This week has been…. EMOTIONALLY DRAINING. A boy who is part of a less active family that we try to work with (we’ve only gotten in a couple times) murdered his girlfriend this week. They were both 18. Very nice and popular kids at school and both very well know by the youth in the ward. (The boys grandparents are also very active in the ward) Berthoud is a small town. Everyone knows everyone. So as you can imagine, it’s been a very sad week here. There were a few other really hard things to deal with this week that I can’t really put in my group email but basically this week was just the most emotionally and spiritually exhausting week. 

 I had exchanges on Tuesday and I stayed in Berthoud. I was super nervous because we were in my stomping grounds so I was running the day. It was an alright exchange. A lot of people cancelled or weren’t home so we tracted a lot. Which I honestly like tracting so I didn’t mind. But the sister I was with (bless her heart, she is super nice. Oh, also she played volleyball so we are homies:) wouldn’t use door bells and would knock so quietly that I could barely hear the knock! Hahaha I was getting so frustrated, so it turned into a silent race of who could get to the door faster. I think it bugged her how loud I knocked because then people would.. you know… actually answer the door and talk to us.😶  After exchanges the first thing Sister Robinson tells me about her exchange was “she knocked so quietly that no one answered the door the whole time!” Hahah I’m so grateful Sister Robinson is my companion. 

So this week started rough, but ended GREAT. 😅 So on Saturday we went and did some service for a lady named Fran. For some reason she wanted to mow the grass in her grove of trees so our job was to go and pick up big branches that would break her mower. Well my body decided to surprise me with ALLERGIES. I’ve never had them before but there’s a first time for everything I guess. So for 2 hours I was hauling 12 foot branches while sneezing EVERY TEN SECONDS!  Hahaha I was a hot mess. My eyes were swollen half shut, my nose was running, and my throat was closing up. I’m sure I looked stunning. 

OK OK OK GRAND FINALE…. WE HAD 5 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH!!! We were so excited!!! It was two families, the Smiths and the Fords. Two families that have been investigating for years, but don’t usually come to church. BUT THEY CAME! The dad of the Ford family is a member and his wife and daughter are not. The Smith family has been investigating for 2 years, but hardly ever come to church, but this is their second week in a row! Also, the ward members are finally giving us referrals! The work is picking up so much and we are so excited!!! Heavenly Father sure does answer prayers.

That’s all for this week. Sorry I don’t have much time today. Love you all. Thanks for all of your love and support 🙂 



New Zone

FullSizeRender 2

P-Day Hike with our awesome host family, The Huffs

image5 2image2 3image3 2image6 3

Jump Fail

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