Weeks 8 & 9 ~ Well Sheep.

My first transfer is already over!?!? WHAT? So crazy how fast it went. This week was a roller coaster of emotions and funny stories so I’ll get right into it.

So with transfers this week I thought I was going to be heading to Trinidad because I got an email telling me that money was put on my card that is in Trinidad (my money has been going on sister Robinson’s card and so we’ve been using just hers ) so for about 2 days before transfer calls I was positive that I was about to pack up my bags and head to the tropics. I couldn’t sleep for two nights because I felt so nervous and excited! Then we got transfer calls and…. Phsyc!  I have yet to get my visa so I’m staying put here in Berthoud. So I went from really excited and really nervous to kinda disappointed but then to grateful. I wasn’t going to let a situation that I can’t control get me down so about 10 minutes of letting myself feel sorry….I decided that was dumb and to look at all the positives. The BEST part about transfers…. I get sister Robinson for another transfer!!! HOLLA. I really am so grateful for her. She has taught me how to work hard, but to have fun. She made me laugh so hard today that I literally couldn’t breathe and had hiccups for about an hour. We get along so well. My Father in Heaven has blessed me so much with her!! Another great thing about transfers is an investigator that Sister Conger and I found while on exchanges and taught the first lesson to is getting baptized in two weeks so I get to go to that!! His name is Colby and he is so great! He is a golden investigator to the T! I am really grateful that I’ll be able to go to a baptism that I feel like I got to play a tiny tiny role in. We get to live with the Huffs again which I am SO excited about!! Usually we get moved every transfer but they are letting us stay another transfer. I love the Huffs so much!! I’ve gotten really close with them and we have so much fun living here so I am so grateful for that!
Long story short, after I decided that I can only control my attitude and faith in this situation, I realized that I’m not ready to leave Berthoud. Sister Robinson and I have more work to do before one of us leaves. It’s crazy how much your capacity to love grows as a missionary. There are so many people I love and care for here. I can’t leave them just yet. So I’m relieved that I have the privilege to be here another transfer. Gods timing is perfect so why should I ever question it anyway? This whole visa waiting experience has taught me how little control I have and how much I need to trust in the Lord. He is definitely teaching me humility. I know that everything is in the Lords hands and that brings me so much peace.

So funny/ridiculous thing that happened with transfers… So usually we get an email from the AP’s that tells who is getting transferred, who their new comp is and where they are going. Well for some reason, this transfer they just told us who is getting transferred but it didn’t say where or who their new comp was going to be. This caused an UPROAR in the mission. It was basically a high school Twitter fight. There were so many emails from elders saying rude and immature things about the new change and blaming it on the poor AP’s. You’d think missionaries would be a bit more mature? Not gonna lie though, it was definitely entertaining. Me and sister Robinson just kept refreshing our emails waiting for the next one to come in hahaha we almost went and popped some pop corn. But thanks to that whole immature mission drama, those elders will most likely be getting their iPads taken away and the whole mission is losing some iPad privileges. (iMessage and FaceTime)

I sheered a sheep!!! Of course it was with the crazy farm lady I talked about last time. I would try to explain her but I just can’t, you have to know her to understand hahaha. She made us help her sheer sheep for a couple hours and then took us to Sam’s club for dinner.😂 I’ve had so many moments as a missionary where I just think, “well this is a situation I never thought I’d be in.” One of which… Was planning a secret wedding!!! A lady in our ward got remarried this week (and is moving to Logan actually!) and had the wedding at the Morgan’s house. (Cute couple in our ward) Well the girl getting married didn’t want anyone there and wanted to get married in jeans and sister Morgan wouldn’t have it so she asked us to come over the night before the wedding and help decorate. She got flowers, a wedding cake and a bouquet. We decked out her whole house and it looked awesome! Sister Crainer (one getting married) walked in and just started crying and laughing. Haha it was so awesome! (She still got married in jeans though 😂)

Guess what! We had three investigators at church this week!!! I was super excited because our investigators always say they will be there but never do and it’s always disappointing. It was the Smith family that came. They have been investigating for 2 years now. They are really close to their fellow shippers so we work a lot through them and also because the mom doesn’t typically like the missionaries…. But she likes us!!!!! She hugs us whenever she sees us and asked us to do some service for her and responds to our texts! All three of those are huge. We are so excited to finally be able to really work with them and help them progress.

A lot of the work here is working with less actives. We had SEVEN at church yesterday. We were SO happy. Sister Robinson and I just kept looking at each other about ready to explode with excitement whenever we spotted someone come in. Yesterday was definitely the most successful Sunday I’ve had yet!

Berthoud is known as one of the hard if not the hardest area in the mission. Typically there isn’t much work to be done. But we are so busy that we don’t have enough hours in the day! We have been really blessed here with the success we have seen. And we are lucky because 95% of the time, people are very kind to us! The other day while tracting, a man came running out of his house once he saw us and was coming right at us. I about started running because I thought we were about to be attracted hahahah. But this man came up to us and said “I know who you are. I have my own religion and am not interested but I just want to tell you that you’re awesome and your scoring some big points for God. Good luck on the rest of your missions!” And then turned around and ran back into his house 😂❤️ I never thought I’d like a tiny little red neck town so much but I’ve fallen in love with the people here.

I love you all! Hugs not drugs.

💛Sister Kimball

image12So many people here have exotic birds. So I’m basically in the Carribean!

image10Sheep Sheering is gross, but I got to wear pants so I’m not complaining!image5B. E. A. Utiful Berthoud, COimage4 2image1The Huff’s grand babies (The members we live with).  Wyatt & Evelyn ( I swear Evelyn does love me;) Wyatt calls us the “Sister Missionarions” and whenever we are home he has to be right where we are!  He is so cute!  They remind me of Kash and Andi!image3We gotta ride in a ’64 Thunderbird!image7 2We decided to scoot to an appointment instead of bike.  We looked pretty thug!


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