Week 7 ~ Chickens are of The Devil

Hey everyone!

Wow, this week was a blur. So much happened! I’ll pick out some of my favorites to share!

1 – Me and Sister Robinson work with a girl in the ward who was baptized about 2 years ago. Before ward members took her in, she was homeless. Living in her car with her little girl who was two years old at the time. She has come such a long way since then! But she still struggles with an addiction to alcohol. She has been doing great since I have been here and has been going to the church’s addiction recovery program. But a couple days ago she text us and asked us to come over. Something had happened that day that made her really upset and so she slipped up and drank. As soon as we walked up her porch she just started bawling and kept repeating “don’t hate me don’t hate me”. We had no idea what was going on but I just grabbed her and hugged her. She held onto to me for what felt like a long very long time, just crying and saying “please don’t hate me. I’m so sorry.” As I held her while she sobbed, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love for her, even in her moment of weakness. Yes we were disappointed that she drank, but we could never hate or be angry with her. I think that’s how the our Father in Heaven must feel when we mess up. We feel so awful and feel like we are undeserving of God’s love but he will always love us more than we can comprehend, even in our times of mistakes and weakness. When we feel undeserving of God’s love, that’s when we need it the most, and He knows that. If we come to Him, He will ALWAYS give us the love we so desperately need and the strength we need to get through hardships.
I feel very lucky to have been able to be there for her. She told us what had made her so upset and coincidently (jk, nothing is coincidence) I had been through a very very similar trial only a couple of years ago. So I was able to totally understand how she was feeling. It’s funny how when you are in the midst of a trial you don’t understand why it’s happening to you, but later on down the road, you’re able to use that trial and all that it taught you to help and comfort someone else. As soon as you get the experience of helping someone through something that you have been through, the trial becomes so worth it and you suddenly understand why the trial was placed in your life.
2 – We got 3 new investigators! They are all siblings and all teenagers. There dad is inactive so we have been visiting him. We were pretty persistent so he probably was annoyed the first few times but his heart has totally softened and he let us meet all his kids! They all seem very interested and they invited us back 🙂 Visiting with them is awesome because they think me and Sister Robinson are as funny as we think we are so its a real boost to our confidence because some people definitely don’t get our humor 😂 (aka our whole district) Anyways, the dad asked for the bishops number so that he can meet with him 🙂 We are so excited for them!! They have been really struggling the last year so I know the gospel can help them through their trials!

3 – There is a lady in the ward named Sister Busch. She is the funniest and craziest lady I’ve ever met 😂 She is less active but wants to work towards the temple so we are at her house a lot and we do a lot of service for her because she has SO MANY ANIMALS. She takes animals in and does animal therapy. This includes squirrels, chickens, raccoons, blind dogs, ect. You name it, she’s probably had it at some point in her life. We were doing service for her and her chickens got out… Well sister Robinson is literally afraid of chickens so the situation ended with me chasing about 15 chickens with a rake to get them back in their pen hahahah missionary work is a joyous work 😂

That’s all for this week here in Berthoud. Oh but before I forget because a lot of people have asked me….. I don’t know if I have my visa yet. I probably won’t know until transfers which is at the end of this month so we will see! I’m not too worried about it, if I’m suppose to be in Berthoud then I’ll happily stay a little longer. I love the people here so much and I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had here for anything! But when I do get my visa, I’ll be stoked to make it to Trinidad!

Love you all.

💛 Sister Kimball

image3Was doing some family history this week and found this gem…nice hair, Mom;)

*Um…careful Sister Kimball, your Mom manages your blog! #paybackcouldbescary


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