Week 6 ~ Adventures in Good Ol’ Berthoud, CO

Mother’s Day!!! Skyping home was definitely the highlight of the week 🙂 I am so so grateful for all the support I have back home. I was fighting back tears at the end of the call, not because I’m homesick, but because I am so blessed with such amazing people in my life. Especially my amazing mother! Being away on Mother’s Day really made me think about how much of an influence my mom has been to me and how much my Father in Heaven blessed me with one AMAZING mother. I know that without her I would not be who I am today. So happy Mother’s Day mama, I am so grateful for YOU. 🙂

This week was great! I went on my first exchange with the STL (sister training leader), sister Conger. Exchanges are 24 hours so I went with her to Johnstown for the day! It was so great! I learned a lot from her and it was great to see a new area 🙂 We decided that for our exchange our focus was going to be finding through the spirit. Well that day happened to be the worst hail storm I’ve ever seen so we didn’t really tract a lot but we got 4 new investigators! The Johnstown ward is very engaged with the work and gives a ton of referrals which is so helpful for us missionaries! So we went and visited 4 referrals and they all let us have the first discussion with them and want to learn more! They seem super interested so that’s awesome! Unfortunately I only got to be with them once but they are awesome people and sister Conger is going to update me on them 🙂

This week I finally had a “click” missionary moment. I am no longer afraid of knocking doors 🙂 We don’t knock doors a ton because we are so busy with part member/less active work but whenever we going tracting, I’ll admit, I would always hope that no one was home so I wouldn’t have to talk to strangers 😂😅 But now I love when the door opens and we get to talk to someone! It just doesn’t scare me anymore! I’ve been praying for help with that fear because I know that when I get to Trinidad I will probably be tracting lots more so it was a really cool experience to just have a sudden moment where I no longer dreaded tracting! Prayer is real and He does hear you!

Funny story of the week:
I don’t have much time to explain this one but Thursday night me and Sister Robinson ended up in a convertible with an 84 year old man and 70 year old woman and they swerved into the field to chase a bunny while yelling “get it Todo!!” to there yorky pup. So there’s that.

Me and sister Robinson went hiking and shopping today for pday so I don’t have much time. I’ll write more next week.

I love you all so much!!

Sister Kimball

image2Mother’s Day Skype…from My view!

image1Sister Kimball & Sister Robinson…Spreading the Good News!

image1 2P-Day Adventure! So good to be in the mountains again!

image2 2Our neighbors have 9 baby fox in their backyard!

image2Another one of our adventures! He loved what we had to say! 😉


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