Week 3 ~ Provo MTC

Well okay wow what an amazing last week here at the MTC! I can’t believe my time is up here! I feel like I have been here for two days. I honestly don’t understand why people hate the MTC so much. I have had so many amazing experiences here and my conversion unto Christ has grown so much in such a short time! Not to mention I have made life long best friends and have also picked out about 3 eligible sisters for my brother to marry hahahaha.

Friday morning after breakfast when we got to class, our teacher told us she switched the normal schedule around so we were having study time at the beginning of class instead of the end of class. So me and Sister Tui packed up our stuff and headed out to the couches in the hallway to study. (our district is way to loud and funny to get anything done most days.) So we were out there studying for a lesson we had with our teacher as a mock investigator. We had about a half hour to prepare. So as we were sitting there, this little adorable Guatemalan man gets off the elevator and sits down on one of the couches across from us. He didn’t have a gold name tag on (which means he isn’t hired to be an investigator) so we striked up conversation with him (which was challenging because his English was hard to understand.) and asked him what he was doing there. He was waiting for his sister missionaries to come teach him! Sometimes injured missionaries come to the MTC to serve and they teach their lessons here in the MTC so we assume that’s why he came here for the lessons. Well they were very late so we kept talking to him to keep him company. He started asking us about our callings as missionaries and then just kept asking us more and more questions about our beliefs. Well we looked at our watches and figured his missionaries weren’t going to show up so we ran into our classroom, told the other sisters that they needed to go teach Jackie (our investigator/teacher) and ran back to Jose. We pulled up out chair and started teaching him the plan of Salvation because he just recently lost his mother and misses her a lot. He started crying when we told him that not only will he be able to see her again and be with her for forever, but she will have the chance to except the gospel, even though she didn’t have the chance here on this earth. I’ve never felt the spirit so strongly. I believe that the reason why we needed to teach Jose that lessons was because Sister Tui lost her mom a couple years ago, she was able to testify to him that she knows that she will see her mom again, all thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ. Then he looked at me and said “Sister Kimball, what is the atonement?”… Needless to say, we had a very amazing discussion with him. Sadly we couldn’t finish because he had to go but he said “This is a very great moment for me. You have confirmed to me that what the other Sisters told me is true, that I will be able to see my mother again” We let him know that that wasn’t us confirming that to him but it was the spirit testifying to him that it was true. He thanked us probably 20 times haha he is so sweet. We ran into him again this morning! He was with the sisters that were suppose to be there that morning to meet with him. We got to stop by and talk for a bit and he was with his wife so we got to meet her which was awesome 🙂 He asked for our emails so hopefully we can keep in touch!

My visa hasn’t come so I will be heading to Colorado for a transfer and Sister Tui will be going to Ogden. We aren’t sad about having to visa wait, but we are sad we are being split up 😦 I am going to miss her so much! Most people think that visa waiting is such a terrible thing but it’s just all in your attitude (and your patience). The way we are looking at it is: We made promises to our brothers and sisters in the preexistence that we would find them and teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ, and well some of our people ended up in Colorado/Ogden 🙂 I hear temp mission are way fun and plus, we get to experience two missions now 🙂 Pretty awesome blessing when you really look at it. I am so excited to get into the field! I have absolutely loved the MTC and learned SO much, but I am very excited to get out of these gates, eat real human food, and not be in a classroom for 9+ hours a day! Also, I am way excited to teach real people and be done with role playing a million times a day…. Sister Tui always acts as this evil investigator named Norah and just roasts me and then laughs as she watches me struggle with figuring out what to say hahahaha. Probably one of my favorite things about the MTC has been meeting so many different people from so many different places around the world. Because Sis. Tui is tongan, I think I have met every single Poly here, and if they are Tongan she is always either related to them somehow or knows their family haha it’s crazy!

I heard an analogy this week from one of the sisters in my district that I loved:
Imagine us as a cute little cottage and God as a renovator. We are perfectly happy as a cottage and he comes in and knocks down walls, tears the flooring up, pulls the roof off.. Etc. We think, “What in the world are you doing to me????” He responds, “Just trust me, I know what I am doing.” So we wait through all the discomfort until one day we realize he made us a beautiful mansion. A mansion we could have never dreamed of becoming on our own.

As people, we are really good at finding comfort zones. Heavenly Father knocks our feet out from underneath us sometimes and it takes us right out of our comfort zones. It is so good for us though. It’s the kind of good that is hard to see when all we see is ourselves as a pile of rubble. He will help you. Don’t worry about that. Be patient with yourself and he will refine you and lead you. You don’t have to refine yourself. Sometimes I think we take it upon ourselves to refine ourselves. Yet, he has a plan for us. Our job is to listen to the spirit so that we know which way to go. Listen to him, because he knows you better than anyone. Entering the MTC completely took me out of my comfort zone. As it does to everyone! You get thrown into a crazy schedule of waking up at 6 a.m., having 16 hour days, being thrown into a room with strangers and being put with someone you don’t know that you have to be with 24/7, role playing is way weird at first, and so is bearing your testimony to strangers every day. But I am so happy I decided to serve a mission. Being a missionary is the greatest privilege and opportunity I have ever had in my life. I literally get to be a representative of Jesus Christ and serve others all day every day. The MTC took me so far from my comfort zone and because of it I have grown so much. I wouldn’t have changed anything about it. Now on to being pushed out of my comfort zone even more…. I get to leave the cocoon of the MTC and get into the real world and I couldn’t be more excited!

Love you all!

I forgot to put this in my group email but pretty cool experience:

Last P-day me and sister Tui were in the temple just getting ready to head into a session when Sister Tui grabs my arm and says in a yelling whisper “YUI YUI YUI!” I looked at her like she was crazy because I had no idea what was going on, but she grabbed my face and pointed it in the direction to where our “investigator” was standing! Our little Japanese TRC was standing there! We aren’t suppose to know if they are LDS or real investigators until we are out of the MTC so we won’t tell any missionaries that may have them to teach. But seeing her in the temple kind of gave it away lol. Usually you can tell if a TRC is LDS or a real investigator but with Yui, we could never really tell. So seeing her took us by surprise! We were in a hurry so we only were able to give her a big hug and then run to make our session. After the session while we were in the Celestial room Yui came in and sat down with us! We were able to talk to her for awhile which was so great. We always talk about how we should always imagine our investigators in white, so in the moment, we kind of got a taste of what that was like! It was so great. Also, she served her mission in Logan!!! She said she almost broke character when I told her I was from Logan because she got so excited. Yui is the cutest human being ever and I am so happy I had he privilege to have her as a TRC!

Last Walk to the Temple
My District ~ Provo Temple
Our District plus our amigo, Elder White
Sportin’ our Trinidad t-shirts and both got cookies from home on the same day! Thx Moms!
I think I was Tongan in my pre earth life:)

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