Week 2 ~ Provo MTC

Hi everyone!

I don’t have a ton of time to write today so this might be short.

I am still loving the MTC! The days all blur together… I really can’t ever remember what day it is haha. The days fly by even though they are such long days! I love being here and learning so much!

Since I don’t have much time to write I thought I would just write about the best part of the week! So here in the MTC we have what we call TRC investigators. Basically they give you two random TRC’s each week and you don’t know if they are LDS or actual investigators. But you just go with it and teach the lessons. So last week me and Sister Tui had a girl named Jessy. Well, we could tell with Jessy that she wasn’t acting and that she was a real investigator. Let me tell you about Jessy; She is extremely talkative and bubbly (we could hardly get the lessons in some days), she is from Georgia and has gone through more than anyone I know. I would tell you her crazy life story but it’s pretty personal (she didn’t tell us until the last day) and it’s not my story to tell. But just know, that she has basically been on her own since we was 9 years old and has gone through way more than anyone should ever have to go through. About a year ago she googled “Best cities to start over” and SLC was number one on the list. She packed up her bags and headed over here. Pretty courageous right? Yeah, she is amazing. So anyways, since she is in Utah, most of her friends are LDS including her “friendddd” named Michael. Well when she first got here she didn’t have a good experience with some LDS people and she worded it like this “I feel like people here work their way into heaven, but in the south, everyone loves their way into heaven”. Now me and Sis. Tui always say “Don’t work your way to your Heavenly Father, love your way to Him” It’s our new motto. Anyways, she then met some really nice LDS kids through intramural sports and decided she was being judgemental. So she decided to come to the MTC to really learn about the church. We were privileged enough to be her missionaries on her second week of being here 🙂 She was really struggling to believe that God cares about her as an individual so we focused on that a lot. Every lesson went great and we were able to connect with her so well. She really became a best friend to us. On our last lesson we made her a scripture jar (put all of our favorite scriptures on little pieces of paper in a jar) because she has a hard time just reading straight through. Then we gave her a journal that said on the front “what you learn now is preparing you for something great” and we told her to pull out a scripture every day and write down what she learned/felt. She looked at us and just started crying and told us how much she loved us and how much that meant to her! We all cried on our last lesson. So then we decided it couldn’t be goodbye just yet and decided that we were going to come see her the next day during personal time. When we went and saw her she was so excited to tell us something! Long story short, her cousin was having a hard time with something so Jessy text her and bore her testimony that God loves her and that this church is true!!! And sent her a link to the book of mormon app!!! She read the text to us and it was the most beautiful testimony. She is already being a missionary! She has to meet with the provo missionaries but she is getting baptized! She for real is going to join the church! When she read us that text me and Sis. Tui were both in tears. And then she told us how much we have effected her life and how much she loves us. Jessy is the most amazing person I know. She is a perfect example of faith. Even though she has been through so much, she has faith in the her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. She taught me way more than we taught her! I love her so much! I love this gospel. I feel so privileged to be a missionary and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyone that is thinking about a mission…. JUST GO! You won’t regret it.

That was definitely the highlight of the week. Probably the hardest part of the week is that my district discovered that I am probably the jumpiest and most easily scared person on this planet. Now they hide behind doors in the hallway and jump out and scare me. I never thought I would be afraid of walking the hallways of the MTC hahahha it’s a struggle.

Me and Sister Tui still are the best of homies. We always tell people “yeah we are basically twins, but one is brown and one is white.” hahah she is so awesome!

So I don’t know if my visa is going to come in time, and if it doesn’t then I will be serving my temp mission in Fort Collins! And GUESS WHAT! That’s where Elder Caden Humphrey is going for his temp mission until his visa comes! haha I just can’t get away from the kid!! 😂

Anyways, I love you all. Stay in school. Don’t do drugs. Remember who you are and what you stand for.
Sister Kimball.
Quote from Sister Tui this week: “Girls only have to serve 18 months because we get the work done that takes elders 24 months to get done”


JESSY ~ First Teaching Opportunity!
Signed beam for new MTC addition!

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