Week 1 ~ Provo MTC


Well, I survived my first week as a missionary!!! And my survived I mean I LOVED my first week as a missionary! I seriously love this place.
Okay, so I’ll start from the first day. My parents dropped me off at the curb (not a fun goodbye) and then an elder grabbed my bags for me and told me to go in a building to get my name tag and he would be outside waiting with my bags. So I got inside and it was like a maze with old people at every corner telling me where to go. Haha I’m sure I looked like a deer in the headlights. I eventually found my way to where I got my name tag and books and everything. When I went outside to get my bags, guess who was standing there! Elder Caden Humphrey! (Me and Joel’s really good friend) It was really nice to see a familiar face! He took me to my building and showed me my classroom. I see him everyday now, he gives me good MTC tips like how to get through cafeteria lines faster lol.
Once I got all settled into my class, my companion walked in! 🙂 I call her sister Tui because well her last name is Tu’ihalangingie. Good luck trying to pronounce that haha I’ve been trying for a week and she just laughs at me every time. Sister Tui is 23, Tongan, plays rugby, grew up in Oakland, has some way sick tribal tattoos and has that Tongan sass, and I LOVE HER! She is also going to Trinidad with me. She seriously is so awesome and we get along so great. We are praying that we get to be together again in Trini. She makes me laugh so hard. During conference whenever one of the speakers said something awesome she would lean over and say “yo that’s tight.” and during out comp study whenever she reads anything cool she hands me her book and says “yo sister Kimball, read this part, it’s dope”. hahaha she is so awesome. We are known as the twins of the group because we always say things at the exact same time. I am so blessed to have her as my companion! She has the strongest testimony and has helped me understand and learn so much. Right now we are really focusing on studying Christ’s life so we are reading Jesus the Christ (highly recommend.) and it’s strengthened my testimony on the atonement and love for my Savior so much.
The other girls in my room are awesome too. Sister Bussell, me and her hit it off when we both pulled all our doterra oils out our bags hahaha. She is hilarious! Last night at midnight when we should have been asleep, I hear her eating something and she goes “anyone wanna come crawl in my bed and eat chick biscuit crackers with me?” hahaha we all busted up laughing. Sister Stratton just got here a few days ago, she had a family death so she had permission to come later. She is way cute. And then sister Lainheart, she is the mom of the group. She always makes sure we are on time and doing what we are suppose to haha she is awesome. Our room is way fun.
So a normal day here is way long but goes really fast, we have at least 6 hours in the class room and 4 or 5 hours of personal/companion study. We leave our rooms at 7 am and don’t get back until 9:30 at night. It’s tiring, but I LOVE it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I seriously have never been so happy, which is surprising because I’m so tired and usually I am so grumpy when I am tired haha.
OK now the important part….. CONFERENCE! Being in the MTC for conference was amazing. My favorite talks were Elder Duncan (everyone in the world should study that talk) and Elder Holland (as always) I took like 8 pages of notes. My favorite quotes were: “Judge righteously, not self righteously.” and “The beautiful thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying, even when we don’t succeed.” I have lots more but I forgot my notebook.
Ok my favorite part of the whole entire week was after the last session of conference. We first had a devotional by BYU Vocal Point! It felt like Mormon glee lol. They are amazin! So that was really awesome and, in the words of Elder KImball, the spirit was bumpin’. . After that we watched a MTC talk by David A. Bednar…. this talk literally changed my life and how I will serve my mission. It was on Christ like attributes. He talked about how the natural man inside all of us, always turns in (focuses on ourselves and our needs.) whenever something bad happens in our life. But Christ turns outward. He serves others instead of saying “help me, focus on me. I need help” like most of us do. For example, in the Garden of Gethsemane, after he felt all the sin pain for all of us, he came back to find his three followers asleep and another betrayed him. When the guards try to take him, peter cuts off the guards ear with a sword. And what does Christ do? He heals the guards ear. The guard that is taking him to be crucified. Christ always turned outwards and served, no matter the circumstances. In Elder Bednar’s talk he said (very loudly) “GET OVER YOURSELF!!! The mission isn’t about you.” Yeah, he was pretty blunt. But seriously BEST TALK EVER. It made me want to go serve the entire world. Me and my companion the next day had such a good day because we focused all on our investigators (oh yeah we have 3 investigators, One if a mock investigator, our teacher. and the other two aren’t members. One is from Japan and has no concept of God and the other is Jessy! she is AMAZING. She has gone through so much and came to SLC to start over.) My main focus is to completely put myself to the side. And focus all my energy on those I’m serving. I love this gospel and our Savior. I know without a doubt it’s true and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity and privilege to serve.
I love you all!
Sister Kimball.
ps, thanks to everyone who wrote me! I don’t have time so I will print off the emails and write you back next week! Also it’s best to write me through dearelder.com. It gets printed and given to me the day after you send it.image4



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